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A conservation story wrapped in an adventure BEARTREK is a feature length documentary that follows renowned bear biologist and naturalist Chris Morgan on a global crusade to understand and conserve the rarest bears on Earth. Join Chris on an epic motorcycle adventure across four continents to the wildest places on Earth -uncover the secretive nature […]

About me..

Sun bears are the least know bears and a forgotten bears species as I always call them. Certainly, it is not surprise that not many people know who I am and thus a proper introduction is needed for the readers of this blog to get to know me better as well as my work with […]

BSBCC – How Did It All Begin?

It all begun way back in 1994 when I was given a task to study wild sun bears in Malaysia, which started in 1998 after few years of preparation. Since then, my interest toward sun bears, both wild and in captivity, grew exponentially as I saw many sun bears held in captivity but not much […]


Time is running out for the world’s smallest bear, the little known Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus). Originally widespread through southeast Asia, Borneo is now one of the few remaining strongholds of this charismatic jungle-dependent mammal. But its home is fast diminishing; habitat loss and degradation is pushing this bear to the brink, with only […]