Monthly Archives: June 2008

Captive sun bear series III: Life in hell

  If these baby bears can past the crucial infant stage where extensive cares was needed, they could pretty much make it to adulthood without any problem. However, more suffering once they grew bigger and stronger. By a year old, they could reached 15 kg, and were no longer safe pets to their human owners. […]

Captive sun bear series II: Life at young in captivity, the suffering begin..

Because they are small and cute, sun bear owner often keep them in a small pet cage for puppies or birds. This is the beginning of life in hell. I once saw a bear cub in a crocodile farm in Sarawak. From a distant he looked like a puppy because she was place next to […]

Captive sun bears series I: Because they are cute!

Sorry for the long silent. Life in the field is surly hectic with challenges but too few people to help up. To get the momentum of this blog start again, I reposting a series of stories about captive sun bears from my original blog ==================================================== Its all started here: sun bear cubs are cute, they […]