Monthly Archives: August 2008


 by Wai Pak Ng  Today, I was carrying out my duties at the centre. After the sun bears had their morning meal, I observe and record the bears’ activities. Sun bear are very active animal. They are curious, energetic and always have thing to do to keep them busy.  After two hours of record, I […]

I am still here

I am still here. Here mean still on the surface of the Earth! Is just that I am away from Sabah for the past two weeks or so. Here is an update for what’s going on: After the operation to remove the lipoma in me late last month, I recovered really well from the surgery. […]

Story of the sun bear keeper

It seems that the blog was silent for some times. Thus, I was told to write some bears’ stories in Sepilok while Wong is away for a while at the moment. Of course I am more than willing to share my experiences that I learnt from the bears with our dearest readers. Before I go any […]