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Act now to stop wildlife extinction

Act now to stop wildlife extinction SM Mohd Idris | Oct 31, 08 12:40pm Conservation groups have sounded the death knell for Malaysia’s endangered wildlife. Special emphasis is being placed on pangolins and the Malayan tapir, both of which are now cited under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) 2008 Red list, with […]

Borneo’s Moment of Truth

Most people tend to have a impression of Borneo, the world third largest island, as a wild place where thick forest carpeted the entire landscape, wildlife are everywhere, little human settlements, a place that simply cannot be any wilder than that.  If you really think Borneo is really such a place, then, oops, sorry! You […]

We need your help to protect wildlife in Malaysia!

Dear friends, If you reading this blog, you are no doubt a bear lover, an animal lover, a naturalist, a biologist, a conservationist, or just a regular people who care about our nature, wildlife, and mother Earth. You cared, concerned, and I thank you for that. Now I would like to ask you for a […]

Sun Bears still need your helps!

Our innovative fund raising for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre- “Bear Necessities” is less then three weeks away. We still have tables available during that event. Please help us spread the words about this event and help us fund raise for the bears! Thanks to every team members to put a lot of hard […]

Sanctuary for sun bears in Sabah soon Sunday October 19, 2008 Sanctuary for sun bears in Sabah soon By RUBEN SARIO KOTA KINABALU: There is hope for a bright future for sun bears in Sabah that are facing extinction. A sanctuary is being set up in Sanda­kan for the bears. The state Wildlife Department together with the state Forestry Department and […]

SAVING BORNEO’S SUN BEARS SAVING BORNEO’S SUN BEARS 18th October, 2008 KOTA KINABALU: Wildlife conservation in Sabah gets a boost with the setting up of Asia’s first Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre. Construction work begins early next year at Sepilok in Sandakan and according to the centre director, Cynthia Ong, if all goes according to plan, it will […]

Thank you WCN!

It has been two weeks after I attended the WCN Wildlife Expo and the Garden Party on the first week of October. I would like to thank WCN, especially Charles Knowles and his staff, for doing a wonderful job for conservation and giving me the opportunity to talk to the public and the generous donors […]