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In the eyes of our future generation- save sun bear please!

“1.1.2009 Sepilok, Sabah Malaysia Dear Human, We, sun bear, would like to say thank you very much to Sekolah kabangsaan Bukit Damansara for organizing campaigns to save endangered animals like us, since 1999. Special thanks to all student artists, teachers, parents abd our main sponsor, Vads Bhd, who contributed towards the making of this calendar. […]

New bear cages- finally done!

By Ng Wai Pak The shortage of bear cages at BSBCC was a problem since last years after few more new bears were confiscated by the Sabah Wildlife Department. As the result, we have three sub-adult female bears (Anne, Jelita and Lawa) being put into a cage and share their sleeping baskets and living space. […]

Bornean Sun Bear Conservation UK is now Sun Bear Conservation Trust

March 14, 2009 marked history for sun bear conservation in UK. The first meeting of Bornean Sun Bear Conservation UK, a newly established charity group that helps BSBCC and sun bear conservation, meet up in London for the first time to discuss the formation, operation, and direction of the organization. During the meeting, it was […]

Endangered Bornean sun bear cubs make public debut at San Diego Zoo

In this Monday, March 16 picture Pagi, right, a female Bornean sun bear cub whose name means “morning” in a Malayan dialect, licks her brother, Palu, who is named after a valley in Borneo, as they made their public debut at the San Diego Zoo. (AP/ San Diego Zoo) Endangered Bornean sun bear cubs make […]

Well, I guess these are the answers of wildlife poaching and trading in Malaysia On the trail of wildlife tradersAbout 200g of cannabis is enough to put one away for 20 years but when someone is caught smuggling 200 turtle eggs, the maximum penalty would probably be a two-day jail term or RM200 fine. Azrina Abdullah, director of Traffic, a wildlife trade monitoring network, speaks to Karen Arukesamy […]

Ursa Freedom Project: from Crush Cages to Freedom

  NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release March 14, 2009  Contacts: Jeanette McDermott ~ [email protected]                    Camila Aguilar ~ [email protected] Ursa Freedom Project: from Crush Cages to Freedom  An online community joins hands and hearts to liberate 9,000 to 14,000 bears fromcrush cages and end the practice of draining their bile to make commercial products.The Ursa […]

Pangolins face worst threat in SE Asia: wildlife official

I know the species is not sun bear, BUT we still need to help! —————————————————————– Pangolins face worst threat in SE Asia: wildlife official Mar 2, 2009 KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) — Pangolins face the worst threat from poachers and smugglers in Southeast Asia with inadequate punishment and lack of information encouraging the burgeoning trade, according […]

Wildlife Dept seizes more than 5,000kg of exotic meat Published: Tuesday March 10, 2009 MYT 1:24:00 PM Wildlife Dept seizes more than 5,000kg of exotic meat KANGAR: The Wildlife and National Park Department (Perhilitan) seized more than 5,000kg of wild boar meat and that of other exotic species, after raiding a premise not far from the Malaysia-Thailand border near Padang Besar Monday. Deputy […]

Launch! Discussion group for sun bear researchers!

To sun bear researchers, I hope you all agree with me that research on sun bears is seriously lack behind many endangered species and time is running out for sun bears as the habitat and the animal itself are declining in an alarming rate. Sun bear still remains the least known bear in the world. […]

End bear farming! Here are what you can help to end them.

Last month I posted an article about one of the cruelest practice we human invented to treat the moon bears and small portion of sun bear in China and Vietnam. Many readers have show their concerns and offer helps to end this practice. While being so far away from China and Vietnam, all of us […]