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Armed Men Lay Siege Of The District Forestry Office Base

Press Release: Forestry Department. Sandakan Armed Men Lay Siege Of The District Forestry Office BaseCamp At Ulu Segama Forest Reserve, Lahad Datu  On the evening of 2nd April 2009, at about 09:00p.m., a group of some 20 men, armed withmachetes, brass knuckles, hockey sticks, samurai swords, rambo knives, sticks and othercontraptions, laid siege of the […]

UPM Sun Bear Researchers Visit BSBCC Sepilok

The first academic visit to BSBCC Sepilok happened on 1st April 2009 with a group of 6 graduate students from University Putra Malaysia (UPM). These students are interested on conducting various studies on both wild and captive sun bears. The visit marked an important step to link to achieve our goal to conduct more research with […]

What an evening!

It was truly a fun evening with a lot of laughter with Chris Morgan, Joe Pontecorvo, John Taylor, and many others from the BEARTREK family and guests that make it to the party on April 23rd to cerebrate the achievement that Wildlife Media accomplished and keep the spirit of Beartrek high. The evening was joined by […]

Happy Earth Day!

BSBCC would like to wish all beings on Earth a Happy EARTH Day! May we all bring a better future for all beings and Mother EARTH!

Seattle here I come!

I will be traveling to Seattle to join Wildlife Media and John Taylor’s social gathering at the elegant boutique movie venue ‘The Big Picture’ in Seattle on April 23, 2009 at 6:00 pm. The evening is a celebration of what we have accomplished so far for BEARTREK, the movie. Join Seattle film maker Joe Pontecorvo* […]

Bellingham ecologist makes bear documentary to save wild places

Original posting:  Bellingham ecologist makes bear documentary to save wild places KIE RELYEA – THE BELLINGHAM HERALD  Bellingham ecologist Chris Morgan is taking his BMW motorcycle on a journey to four continents in search of the world’s endangered bears – an epic adventure being made into a feature-length documentary called “Beartrek.”  The goal isn’t […]

Welcome David!

Started from the 1st of April 2009, we had hired another staff in our bear centre at Sepilok, Sabah. Now, with one more helping hand, the 12 sun bears housed in the centre will definitely receive more love, care and attention.   Our new staff, David bins Daiz, 31 years old, a local Kadazan people. […]


Over Easter I was lucky enough to see the two beautiful Cambodian Sun Bears at the Rare Species Conservation Centre (RSCC), home to a unique collection of some of the world’s lesser known rare and endangered species of animal. As my husband Maurice and I arrived, ironically, the sun came out and Todd Dalton, ( Rare […]

Moved into New Home!

31st March was a special day in BSBCC. Everybody was cheered up as we were waiting for this moment for months. That’s because we were going to moved three bears into the new bear cages! Please read  Susie was the first bear who moved into the new cage. Elis, SOURC ranger, sedated Susie and […]

Protecting the world’s least-known bear

Monday, March 30, 2009 Protecting the world’s least-known bear Posted by: WPZ Field Conservation staff at Southeast Asia is home to the world’s smallest bear species, the Malayan sun bear. These little bears face big threats throughout their range, especially from forest destruction, illegal hunting, and the capturing of small cubs for pets.   […]