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The roof is up today!

  Finally, after 3 months of construction, the roof of the new bear house is up today!   After the roof being in place, the wall and the cages for the bears are slowly taking its place. Soon our bear will have their new house!     Photos by Jocelyn Stokes

Great work everyone!

  Yesterday, while playful Suria was chewing on a stick or two, the BSBCC crew was busy re-cementing the floor of the larger enclosure. Although, she doesn’t know it yet, Suria will soon be moved back into the large activity area where she will have quadruple the space to roam and play.  The problem began when […]

BSBCC Construction Photo Diary

We’ve reached halfway in the contract to build Phase I of the new Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre and I’m pleased to report good progress. I’ll let the photos tell the story. Please click here to visit Ian Hall blog Ian Hall is our architect who is the designer the BSBCC. 

Malaysian wild animals to be filmed for American TV

By MUGUNTAN VANAR KOTA KINABALU: American animal expert Jack Hanna, popularly known as “Jungle Jack” is in Malaysia for a television shoot of the wild. The 62-year-old is in Sabah to film orang utans, sunbears, proboscis monkeys and pygmy elephants in the wilds of Borneo for his entertainment and educational television show “Jack Hanna’s Into […]

Sepilok “Poo-Burner”

Text: by Billy Dunn Photos: by Billy Dunn and Ian Hall  The construction of the biogas digester at the new Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok took a bit of time to get running and underway but after ten days of hard building, pumping, lifting, grafting, sweating, itching, bleeding, plastering, twisting, bending and cutting, it […]

Three Amigos

Photos and text by Jocelyn Stokes  Over here at the centre the bear crew can’t help but take a keen liking to a trio of young sun bears who may have actually been acrobats in a past life.  While one is hanging upside down from the ceiling with its head arched back and legs flailing […]

sun bear: the forgotten bear

bear1.pdf bear-2a.pdf bear-3.pdf  This is a new article that I wrote for Society & Environment-A monthly magazine published by Zayed International Prize for the Environment ( what base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was published in the July 2009 issue. Special thanks to Ms Seema Sangra, the Editor and the Art Director of the magazine for publishing this sun […]

“I am in Borneo!”

  By Jocelyn Stokes   As my plane landed on that grassy runway, I looked out the windows to see banana trees surrounding rustic village huts and noted quite emphatically to myself,  “I am in Borneo!” Wai pak and Billy met me just outside the Sandakan airport gates with warm, friendly smiles and swooped me […]

A Sun Bear IS NOT a Panda—

A Sun Bear IS NOT a Panda— A call for wildlife education and awareness in Malaysia by Wai Pak Ng Recently a friend and supporter of BSBCC went to visit the Victory Mini Zoo Farm in Papart, Kudat  in the Northern Region of Borneo, and he was shocked by what he found.  Apparently the Zoo […]


  TIGER RESCUE POINTS TO URGENT NEED FOR MORE PATROLS ———————————————————————————  The rescue of a tiger from a snare set by poachers near the Gerik-Jeli highway yesterday should set alarm bells ringing for the remaining wild tigers in the Belum-Temengor forests, one of the last strongholds for this species and other mammals in Malaysia.  The […]