Monthly Archives: November 2009

What a wonderful event!

Ms Rika Koreeda has just sent me the photos of the sun bear tote bag sale event at Sunshine NOHO, New York on November 18. This event was a truly inspiring story of how can you help sun bear and help BSBCC by doing what you do best. Ms. Rika and her company, Spoon […]

Builders: Britain vs. Malaysia Arkitrekker on November 11th, 2009Text and photos by Billy Dunn When Ian asked me to write a piece for the blog about my first experiences living and working in Sabah, Borneo, I initially thought of the obvious cultural differences; food, drink, climate, wildlife etc. These of course are all very interesting and important… …but […]

Driver admits to 5 wildlife offences for the killing of at least 12 sun bears and other Malaysian wildlife

New Straits Times  17 November 2009 KUANTAN, Malaysia: A lorry driver was charged in the magistrate’s court yesterday with possessing clouded monitor lizards, which are a protected species, and body parts of wild owls and the sun bear. M. Ravindran, 31, from Indera Mahkota, near here, was read five charges under the Wildlife Protection Act […]

Foreign poachers using M16 in forest reserves in Malaysian state of Terengganu

Article translated from a local Malay newspaper.  Foreign poachers are using Terengganu as an illegal wildlife hub in the East coast before the items being smuggled into neighbouring countries. These poachers adopt a communist-like tactics in the forest reserves with the use M16. Their tracks are difficult to be traced, while weapons were hung on […]

Great News! You can order the Sun bear Tote bag by email!

Great News! You can order the Sun bear Tote bag by email!  The creator of Save the Sun Bear Tote bag, Ms Rika Koreeda, agrees to take purchase order of the sun bear tote bag. Each tote bag is $15 + sale tax and shipping fee.  If you would like to purchase one, please email […]

Unveiled the first bag in the world to save sun bear- “the Save the Sun Bear Tote bag!”

During the fund raising event in New York last summer, Caroline in the audience asked me how could anyone do to help sun bear.  “Anyone can help sun bear with whatever they do best.” I replied. “if you are rich, you can donate fund to us; if you are a writer, please write about sun […]