Monthly Archives: December 2009

We wish you a beary Christmas and a Happy New Year!

On behalf of Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre and all the sun bears in the world, I would like to wish you a BEARY Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you all for being a big fan of sun bears and supporters of BSBCC over the past year. With your help and support in […]

We are almost there!

Here is a video of photos taken during the last two months. As you can see, WE ARE ALMOST THERE! The construction of our first bear house is at the last stage and soon will start constructing the fencing of the forest enclosures. It has been a long wait, I know. It has not been easy, I […]

Raleigh comes to the BSBCC!

By: Vicki, Brony, Charlie, Emma, jack, Ali. Raleigh, formally known as Raleigh international, is a youth and education charity which gives people a chance to explore the world and by doing so discover their potential as leaders and members of a team working together to make a difference. Raleigh first began working in Malaysia in […]

New homes for condo sun bear and pets

Wednesday December 9, 2009 New homes for condo pets By CHRISTINA TAN  SHAH ALAM: The young Malayan honey bear which was rescued from a cage in a condominium on Friday has been sent to the Malacca Zoo. Two other wild animals rescued from the condominium — a slow loris and a leopard cat — have […]

Woman found rearing sun bear and other wildlife in condominium

Published: Monday December 7, 2009 MYT 12:37:00 PM Updated: Monday December 7, 2009 MYT 3:30:34 PM Woman found rearing wildlife in condominium BY CHRISTINA TAN SHAH ALAM: A 25-year-old hotel worker was arrested for keeping a baby Honey Bear, a Leopard Cat and a Slow Loris in a condominium unit in Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. […]

Have you seen a sun bear building a tree nest?

 Have you seen a sun bear building a tree nest? I bet you have NOT! Many people not even know about sun bear or seen a sun bear, let alone seeing one of them making a nest high on top of the trees. Here is a rare opportunity of a lifetime to see a radio-collar […]

Construction in progress!

  There are so many stories that I had in my mind that I would like to blog about that told the world. However, finding time to do it always become challenging, or by the time I feel like I have a little time to write before bed time, my eyes and my fingers were […]