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The integration of Om and Ah Chong

Sun bear generally is a solitary animal in the wild. The only times when wild sun bears are not solitary is during the breeding season when male and female bears travel together for several days until mating takes place, and female sun bear with their cubs. These bear cubs can live with their mother for […]

One small step

Today saw one small step for a sun bear, but one giant leap for BSBCC. On Tuesday 20th April at approximately 10am, Om one of the adult male bears, took his final step into the new Jungle enclosure. The process of giving the sun bears a better life started many years ago, but today it […]

The priceless forest enclosure

Our state of the art new bear house is one thing for sure that make us all very proud at Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. It cost about USD400,000 and took 8 months to build. However, there is another important element at BSBCC that make us even more proud is our 1-hectare forest enclosure that […]

Successful E-fence training, and successful testing the air in the enclosure

The moment that we all have been waiting for are finally here. After all the sun bears were settling down in their new home, the next challenges for us would be the electric-fence training, integration of different bears, and the introduction of the bears to the new forest enclosures were something that will happen over […]

Annual Report of BSBCC is available online

Annual Report of BSBCC is available online at Thanks for all of your support! More stories of our bears will be continue soon…

Historic moment for sun bear- Message from Cynthia Ong

Dear friends and partners in conservation,  We have arrived at a pivotal moment for sun bear conservation in Borneo: the completion of Phase 1 of the Borneon Sun Bear Conservation Centre.  After more than two years of dreaming and hard work by many of us around the world, the bears are at this very moment […]

The moving is all done. Now a new life begin

Sorry for not be able to blog last night. I was so tired to blog after another long day of moving the last four bears from the old bear house to the new one. I am so pleased to announce that I have kept my promise I made to these bears six years ago- a new […]

The moved continued- 5 done today, 4 more to go

We have been working around the clock since our multinational bear moving team arrived in Sandakan  last Saturday. We have been sweating more than 10 hours a day over the past 4 days working really hard to make this event go smoothly, from cleaning the bear house, enriching each bear den, checking the bear enclosures, […]

Three bears moved, 9 to go

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Countdown to the bear moving

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