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Volunteer’s Diary: more enrichment for sun bears

By Mark Rusli teochew porridge raid Finally got down to some enrichments today! So far the enrichments we came up with involved a lot of claw and tongue action (haha!), since captivity limits the use of these two vital body parts of the sun bears. We’re going to have to think of something different […]

Volunteer’s Diary: Enrichment!

By Mark Rusli This was the very first enrichment we did. It’s basically suspended wooden blocks, and we smeared banana all over it. The aim was for the bears to get some exercise by using their hind legs, stretching, utilising their tongues etc. Chong doesn’t usually do much of all that but he was […]

Volunteer’s Diary:sun bears & human-animal conflict

In the next few days, I will post blogs written by Mark Rusli, another voluneet from Singapore who is also an ex-animal keeper at Night Safari Singapore. You can read all of his original posting at ========================================================= sun bears & human-animal conflict  By Mark Rusli As human populations expand and natural habitats shrink, […]

Kong Fu Bear

I just saw this youtube video about this kong fu bear playing stick. Although this was not a sun bear but a Moon Bear from a Japan Zoo, I cannot help but want to share with you all about this amazing animals. Original posted at Enjoy with a laugh! [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” […]

are you ready to help?

are you ready to help? By SayLin Ong It is natural to have that desire to be involved in a particular field of interest. This is especially so for Biology students(with 3 months to spare) and animal lovers. I often hear of people wanting to help at a shelter, zoo or conservation centre. “Because […]

Volunteer’s Diary: Sandakan, Borneo: Day 8

Sandakan, Borneo: Day 8 By SayLin Ong Amanda’s arrived in Sandakan tonight. Shared with us some of her Mongolian experiences. Looking forward to the next few weeks working together, we’ll be helping Amanda settle down and assisting in her understanding of volunteering responsibilities here. It shouldn’t be much trouble at all given her good […]

Volunteer’s Diary: Sandakan, Borneo: Day 6 & 7

Sandakan, Borneo: Day 6 By SayLin Ong We got to try out a new type of enrichment for the bears today. Its a type of arrangement we haven’t seen before back in Night Safari. Simple idea of attaching chains across the dens, but many creative ways in which we could do it. Chains provide […]

Volunteer’s Diary: Sandakan, Borneo: Day 5

Sandakan, Borneo: Day 5 By SayLin Ong Day 5 – Husbandry has become pretty routine for us now that we have gotten used to the way things are done here, its just a slight difference from what we are used to at the Night Safari. It was my turn to head out to chop […]

Volunteer’s Diary: Sandakan, Borneo: Day 4

Sandakan, Borneo: Day 4 By SayLin Ong  I woke up to a minor scare this morning.. Couldn’t find the cat in the living room of our wooden house. She would usually be meowing away in the morning, and be at her most affectionate of moods(unlike now). I was relieved to find her curled up […]

Volunteer’s Diary: Sandakan, Borneo: Day 3

By SayLin Ong Sandakan, Borneo: Day 3   Today was our first real day at work. Reported to BSBCC on an empty stomach and started off with husbandry work. There is this certain therapeutic feeling I get when I go through the routine of husbandry work. I can’t explain that, and the others can […]