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Help us protect sun bear and other wildlife habitat in Borneo.

SOS From Borneo to the world! Thanks to Cynthia Ong of LEAP, and the Green SURF coalition of Sabah, Malaysia, a proposed coal-fired power plant has gone from “done deal” to being debated in the Malaysian Parliament! To continue this important work, LEAP needs your support and action NOW! Please share the petition with your […]

MYCAT Joint Statement: Review RELA’s Firearm Possession and Use

Kuala Lumpur, 24 June 2010 – We refer to the killing of a three-year old male tiger by a People’s Volunteer Corp (RELA) because it was spotted in a village and suspected of attacking poultry in Sungai Bayor, Perak.  We understand the villagers’ fear but the matter should not have been handled in this manner. […]

Rela stands by its member

Friday June 25, 2010 By IVAN LOH and WONG PEK MEI [email protected] PETALING JAYA: Rela has come out in defence of its member who killed a stray tiger in Selama, Perak, saying that his actions were to safeguard the security of the villagers there. Its director-general Datuk Zaidon Asmuni said the three-year-old male tiger […]

Rela man wrong in shooting tiger

Thursday June 24, 2010 IPOH: The Perak Wildlife Protection and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) has wrapped up its probe on the killing of a three-year-old tiger, saying that the Rela member was in the wrong to shoot the animal. He should not have taken action on his own, Perhilitan director Shabrina Mohd Shariff said. […]

Hungry tiger shot dead by Rela member

Wednesday June 23, 2010 By SYLVIA LOOI [email protected] SELAMA: A three-year-old male tiger was shot dead by a Rela member at Kampung Ulu Damaq in Sungai Bayor here yesterday. Selama acting OCPD Asst Superintendent Ramli Mohammad said the tiger had been spotted several times in the village and that it had apparently killed poultry belonging […]

Sun bear BOLEH series: “Sun bear can climb!” part 1

I always consider myself very lucky to be able to study the sun bear, the least known bear in the world. Over years of tracking down radio-collared sun bears in the rainforest of Borneo, I managed to witness some bazaar behaviors of this illusive mammal in the natural surroundings. One of these “holy cow!” behaviors […]

My Adventure in Sabah with Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center

By Maria Trenary  I recently returned home from nearly a month volunteering at the BSBCC…I’m proud to say that I am a member of Wong’s “Fellowship of the Bear” since I was fortunate enough to assist with moving the bears into their new home. My trip was fascinating. eye-opening, fulfilling and emotional, and yes, I still […]

Sun bear BOLEH series: “Sun bear can swim!”

In Malay language, “boleh” means “can”, or “capable.” “Malaysia Boleh!” or Malaysia can! in English, is nationwide campaign launched by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his leadership. The “Malaysia Boleh!” spirit has since produced many achievers and achievements, (although many are rather sarcastic), but for sure, it has been a cornerstone […]

Zoo Talkin’ Radio: 30 min of sun bear stories with Sandra Dee Robinson and Jordan Schaul

It was a great honor to be interviewed by Sandra Dee Robinson and Jordan Schaul last night in their internet radio program, Zoo Talkin’ and Bears on the Air. Although our interview has been interrupted during the middle of the interview when my internet modem gave up on me, I am glad that the entire […]

Volunteer’s Diary: 3 weeks with the sun bears

By Amanda Tan My past three weeks were spent in Borneo, volunteering at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre with 3 friends and ex-Night Safari colleagues. As happens at the end of every great experience, the last couple of days are bittersweet, a juxtaposition between feelings of heightened appreciation for the entire opportunity and the […]