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Daniel, our BSBCC staff

By Wai Pak Ng  I would like to introduce our newly confirmed staff Daniel Erikson Bin Majilir. Daniel joined BSBCC since 1st May 2010, and then he was under probation for three months. As his supervisor, I am glad to have Daniel working with us. He always follows instructions, ready for comments, and eager to […]

Ah Chong the sun bear enjoying his new home!

This is Ah Chong, one of the 19 sun bears currently house in BSBCC. Ah Chong is a 12 year old smale sun bear. This is the first time he touches the soil and the forest again after 12 years live in captivity.   [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

Visiting the Sun Bears

By Dr Vicki Stokes Hi! I am an ecologist from Australia and I have just spent the last 2 weeks volunteering with the BSBCC. I am very impressed with what Siew Te Wong and the centre staff have achieved since the establishment of the centre. The new bear house has been carefully designed with the […]

Young Toby the sun bear moves into the bear house

 By Dr. Vicki Stokes -BSBCC volunteer; Photo: Dr. Vicki Stokes and Wai Pak Ng   On September 10, Toby the youngest bear at the centre was moved from the quarantine area to the new bear house. He immediately started exploring his new enclosure and was quick to climb and discover the basket bed. He was […]

The 8th BSBCC General Meeting

By Wai Pak Ng We had our 8th general meeting for the board members of BSBCC on the 8th September 2010. Both deputy directors from Sabah Wildlife Department and Sabah Forestry Department, together with theirs assistants attended the meeting. As usual we presented the latest progression of our centre, fund raising, the second phase design […]

Vote to Ban Bear Farming

( Vote to stop bear farming in China) FW from IFAW Dear Colleagues, Below link is to a legislative proposal to ban bear farming submitted to China’s People’s Congress. We need votes of support to the proposal. The site is in Chinese. But all you need to do is to click the box with two […]

Constricted by boas – the fall of Anson Wong?–the-fall-of-anson-wong Thu, 09 Sep 2010 22:13 By Hilary Chiew COMMENT “I don’t want to go to jail again.” — Those were the words uttered by Anson Wong slightly over a year ago to me. I was confident that he said that with full knowledge that he is untouchable in Southeast Asia – one of the […]

Wildlife crooks deserve no mercy Thursday September 9, 2010 Wildlife crooks deserve no mercy ALONG THE WATCHTOWER By M.VEERA PANDIYAN [email protected] We have to get tough with wildlife smugglers as the world is watching how serious we are about tackling the scourge. FOR years, fingers have been pointed at Malaysia for being a wildlife smuggling centre. There have been […]

Wildlife Kingpin Jailed Wildlife Kingpin Jailed Posted on September 7, 2010 | 0 Comments Tags: Anson Wong Asia Bryan Christy endangered species Malaysia National Geographic Magazine snakes wildlife trafficking Categories: Animals Environment Wildlife By Bryan Christy On Monday, September 6, the world’s most notorious wildlife dealer, Anson Wong of Malaysia, was sentenced to prison after a lock […]

A tame punishment A tame punishment THE STAR SAYS . . . WE had a chance to severely punish a notorious wildlife trader and send a signal that we mean business in repairing our unwelcome reputation as an international hub for this illegal trade. But we blew it. The penalty meted out by the courts to Anson […]