Monthly Archives: January 2011

Goodbye Missoula! Tonight is the last night

It all begun here in Missoula, Montana, USA, 17 years ago when I first came to the University of Montana in the summer of 1994 to pursue my first degree (B.Sc) in wildlife biology. It was here where I met my advisor Dr. Chris Servheen, whom at that time was looking for a Malaysian student […]

International Save Bears Day Febuary 21st

“February 21st is International Save Bear Day” dont forget to mark it on your callenders it was started by a great friend of mine Abel Saenz we are just asking for samll donations to be made on this day to diferent organizations that help bears to give you an idea Bornean Sun Bear Centre, Animals […]

Update of Natalie the sun bear cub

Text and Photos by Wai Pak Ng, Acting Project Manager, BSBCC Happy New Year! This is what I want to wish my fellow readers / supporters / sun bear lovers and friends. I know a lot of people, including you, want to read more about Natalie, the latest rescue bear cub. I am sorry to […]

New Year, New Plans, and New Hopes for BSBCC

Happy belated New Year to all readers, fans and supporters of the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. As we officially say goodbye to the year 2010, we are also welcoming the new year of 2011 with new plans, new hopes and new dreams at the same time! I have kept my promise that I made […]