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Update on Linggam the sun bear By Paul Clenton It has now been 2 weeks since the door leading from Linggam’s pen into the rainforest enclosure was first opened for him. What a transformation! To begin with he was cautious, timid even, when facing the challenge of going outside. Now when I see him he is relaxed, roaming freely around […]

Long way to go- Wildlife Matters – By Azrina Abdullah This article was printed from Sun2Surf Article’s URL: ————————— Long way to go By Azrina Abdullah By: (Sun, 24 Apr 2011) National Geographic Magazine published last year The Kingpin, an expose on wildlife smuggling. The story’s author, Bryan Christy, recently won a Genesis Award by the Humane Society for ‘Most Outstanding Written Word’. […]

2 New Additions: Mamatai & Wan Wan

By Paul Clenton Last week there was a phonecall announcing that 2 new bears were to be delivered to us from a zoo on the west sdie of Sabah. On the day before they arrived it was revealed to us that one was called Mamatai and the other Wan Wan. Matatai earned her name […]

Can’t see the wood for the trees!

By Paul Clenton As I have mentioned previously, the special feature of our bear enclosures is that they are in primary rainforest. This is an incredibly important area in its own right and therefore we intend keep records of the impact our bears are having upon the different tree and vine species (anything with […]

Linggam the sun bear continue to do well

By Paul Clenton DINING OUT – April 15, 2011 I watched with a great big smile on my face today as my mate Linggam ate his breakfast “alfresco” for the first time. He not only spent much more time venturing out and exploring today (periods of 8,3,2,2,1,1,1,1 & 1 minute, respectively), but he also […]

Linggam’s first step- Day 1, 2, and 3

By Shauna Tay Day 1, 12th April, was the beginning of Linggam’s adventure. After a year of being in the indoor enclosure with BSBCC, for training purposes, and who knows how many years before that in a small cage, he is finally ready to be introduced to the outdoor enclosure. The outdoor enclosure is a […]

Emma loves sun bears!

Remember two weeks ago British actress Emma Thompson met me for the first time and championed the “most beautiful little creature” in Kota Kinabalu? After the last meeting, Emma together with her husband Greg Wise and daughter Gaia have been visited almost all ecotourism hot spots in Sabah-Danum Valley, Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Kinabatangan River, Sipadan, […]

A Present for Om the sun bear By Paul Clenton This is Om. He’s a great bear, if you pardon the pun. Om is very playful and loves playing with his tyres and other toys. This can get rather noisy but he seems to enjoy it. He is also very fond of his sleeping basket and will spend quite a bit […]

A surprised visit by Sigourney Weaver

Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is located on the premise of Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre (SORC), Sandakan, Sabah. Each year, about 100,000 visitors visiting the centre to see and to learn more about the orangutans. These visitors come from all over the world and all levels in the society, including many VIPs and the world […]

A big week for Linggam & Natalie the sun bears By Paul Clenton  Lingham is a very handsome, 6 year old male bear with a gentle and friendly personality. He was first brought to Sepilok as a cub (only 3.5kg) in August 2004 after being found at a logging camp at Kampung Pinangah. After a stay at Sepilok Linggam went to Lok Kawi Zoo. […]