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We are getting there!

Text and photos by Siew Te Wong Thanks to the generous funding from the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (MOTOUR ) through Sabah Wildlife Department, 3 components in the developmental plans of BSBCC are almost complete after 5 months of construction. These 3 components are the: 1) Visitor Access Walkway from the Car Park 2) […]

Saving the World’s Smallest Bear – Episode 2: “Saving the World’s Smallest Bear” Guest: Siew Te Wong, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre Host: Rhishja Cota-Larson [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

The best enrichment for sun bear cub is another cub

Text and photos by Siew Te Wong Time flies, Fulung the male sun bear cub that Sabah Wildlife Department rescued from Long Pasir last August is now more than a year old. Mary, the female sun bear cub that we rescued last September, also is a year old now. Both cubs, or “yearlings” by now […]

Today at BSBCC: The future of sun bear relies on EDUCATION!.

Feb 21, 2012   Text and photos by Siew Te Wong   Today 40 junior high school students from Singapore International School visited BSBCC. These visitors were led by APE Malaysia (Animal Project and Environment Education)    These students came from more than 10 different countries across the world. We separated the students into […]

They keep coming!

Text and photos by Siew Te Wong On the night of Feb 20th, BSBCC received another new rescued sun bear from the Sabah Wildlife Department Wildlife Rescue Unit. This female sun bear yearling (1-2 year old bear), that we named “Koko” is the latest rescued sun bear by Sabah Wildlife Department and sent to BSBCC. […]

Bermuda touches soil for the first time in more than 10 years

Caged, pet sun bears have a sad life. From the day they were captured and kept as pet, most of them will NEVER touch the soil, climb the trees, and dig the ground again. Many of our rescued sun bears also have the same fate. However, with our state of the art forest enclosure, the […]

Farmer mistakes kin for sun bear and shoots him

Original posted at A FARMER mistook his cousin for a bear and shot and killed him in Sabah, Harian Metro reported. The 42-year-old farmer said he went on a hunting trip with Nuis Upil, 36, and two other friends at about 2pm in Ulu Sungai Mususur, Tambunan, on Wednesday. The farmer aimed his bakakuk […]

Debbie’s first Heath Check

Debbie the female sun bear cub was rescued by Sabah Wildlife Department on January 6th and sent to us on the following day. Today (Feb 16,) we did the first health check for Debbie since she was sent here about a month ago. The check up is a routine check up for all new bears […]

Felda settlets find dead sun bear

BEARTREK hits Hollywood! -news from Chris Morgan’s Wildnotes

Original posted at Yes that’s an Oscar we’re holding! I guess the shelf full of them right behind us kinda gives it away. Let’s just say we’re practicing for the real thing! Dream big right!? John Taylor (Wildlife Media Chair) and I are charging around LA meeting with film industry executives about BEARTREK. Exhausting […]