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The observation platform is officially done!

Text by Siew Te Wong The second phase of BSBCC developmental plan involves three components: 1) The upgrading of the access road to the 1st new bear house; 2) The access boardwalk from the car park all the way to the forest observation platform; 3) The forest observation platform where visitors can view sun bears […]

7 days with Oakland Zoo Volunteers

Text by Gloria Ganang and  photos by BSBCC team. The BSBCC is very fortunate to have volunteers from the Oakland Zoo, Oakland, California helping us in the process of building up the centre. They arrived on the 17th July 2012. They planned 7 days of their stay in Sabah at the BSBCC helping us doing […]

Facebook Fundraiser a success! Thank you all!

First of all a big apology for the delay to post this blog that was long due, especially to a group of very dedicated volunteers and fans who help us to make the fundraiser possible.  June 2 was a great day for the BSBCC. It was the culmination of the second annual Facebook Fundraiser for […]

Sun Bear at TEDxKL

Text by Siew Te Wong “Come Mary my girl, come….” was the first sentence I said when I stood on the stage of TEDxKL last Saturday on July 14th. The 800+ audiences who were in the theater of Temple of Fine Arts at Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur, stretched their neck, anticipated to see Mary the sun […]

An Eventful Stay with Alpha 4!

From the Raleigh Blog:   An Eventful Stay with Alpha 4!   Training is over and expedition life has well and truly begun! The Alpha groups all made it safely to their project sites. I (Kate) had the pleasure of joining Alpha 4 for their first four days in Sepilok, and am happy to […]

Papa bear’s story


Talking bears

Tuesday July 10, 2012 Talking bears     WONG Siew Te will be sharing his passion for sun bear conservation at the TEDxKL event on Saturday in Kuala Lumpur. He will be joining six other speakers who will all be talking on different topics; what brings them together is that they all have a passion […]

Papa bear’s story Tuesday July 10, 2012 Papa bear’s story By GRACE CHEN   One man shares his passion for a little-known bear in need of saving. THE worry in Wong Siew Te’s voice is obvious during our telephone interview. The founder of the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sandakan, Sabah, had walked in to work […]


Text by Gloria Ganang and photo by Dawn Tukalan & Thye Lim The day at BSBCC on the 4th of July started with a big preparation for the Environmental Education Race (EERace) activity at the centre. The EERace is an environmental education programme held annually in the heart of Borneo districts of Sabah. It is […]

TEDxKL here I come!

TEDxKualaLumpurIdeas Worth Sharing 14 July 2012 – Interdependence About TEDx » What is TEDxKL? FAQs Blog Contact Us Presenters » Current Presenters TEDxKL 2011 Presenter TEDx 2010 Presenters Partners Venue Sponsor TEDxKL Videos Register Now Wong Siew Te By admin on May 24, 2012in 2012, Speakers       inShare1       Sun Bear […]