Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Integration of Rungus with Bongkud

Text and photos by Chiew Lin May Bongkud has another new buddy and playmate, Rungus. Rungus is a 5 year old sub adult female. Rungus’ name is the name of an ethnic group who live in the Kudat district of Sabah. She was kept at the Victory Mini Zoo Farm in Kudat, Northern Sabah and […]

The Integration of Julaini with Bongkud

Text and photos by Chiew Lin May Julaini, a 4 year old sub adult male, was named after the head welder who constructed the new bear house. Julaini came to the centre from Lok Kawi Wildlife Zoo on the 3rd July 2010. Julaini has a cataract problem, which has resulted in a white dot on […]

Damai, Sun Bear Cub Dairy – Climbing trees

Text by Chiew Lin May Photo by Gloria Ganang and Chiew Lin May Climbing is a skill most often associated with primates, but sun bears are also arboreal. They often climb trees in order to forage for food, protect themselves from predators or to rest and sleep on the branches. Wong Siew Te, our BSBCC’s […]

Natalie and Rungus – Finally Out In the Forest!!

At the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC), all confiscated orphaned sun bears arriving at the centre must undergo electric fence training before they can be released into the BSBCC’s forest enclosure. Entering the forest enclosure is a very important phase for these bears, as they take their first steps onto the forest floor, often […]

Connecting kindergarteners in Australia with sun bears in Borneo

By Wong Siew Te Stuarts Point Pre School always has a special heart for sun bears ever since I was introduced to their director Erin Chapman last January by a close friend of Erin who visited BSBCC earlier and shared our stories. They would like to do more and to help sun bear. A Sun […]

Damai, Sun Bear Cub Diary – Termite

Text & Video by Chiew Lin May Photo by Gloria Ganang and Chiew Lin May Many people regard termite as pests as they are destroying wooden building and furniture. However, these small creatures are important as a food source for sun bears in the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia. Termite belong to the insect order […]