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This is Sim’s story

Have you ever wondered what you want to do to spice up your boring life? Have you ever thought about going off the grid and want to try something different? Why wait? I encourage you to seize the day. Be a leader, not a follower. Hai, my name is Chooi Ying Sim but everyone just […]

6 weeks Voluntary Work at the BSBCC

Hi! My name is Jaike. I’m from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and I had the opportunity to work for six weeks as a volunteer at the BSBCC. And I can tell you, they were 6 great weeks! If you are thinking of doing voluntary work with animals, don’t hesitate and come along! For me, the choice […]

Damai, Into the Forest Enclosure!

Text and  Photo Chiew Lin May Look who is moving on up! In June this year, something exciting happened in the forest. Damai, a beautiful two-years-old sub adult female sun bear with black eyes full of curiosity and energy is finally stepped onto the forest floor on last week 3rd June 2014.   Currently, Damai shares […]


Text by Jaike Bijleveld Photos by Chiew Lin May   Damai is a shy and sweet little girl of 2 years old who loves splashing herself with water. Besides the two sun bear cubs Loki and Sunbearo, she is the youngest sun bear in the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). When Damai was only 5 […]