Monthly Archives: July 2015

Bear Essentials

Text by Warren Timms (Volunteer) Photos by Chiew Lin May Part of the volunteering program at BSBCC includes enrichment projects for the sun bears. These projects involve the volunteers and staff participating in basic tasks like making mixed fruit ice blocks and bamboo tubes packed with bear treats along with more challenging construction projects like […]

Helping a Species in Need

Text and Photo by Warren Timms My name is Warren and my partner Marie and I are from Australia and we have just completed a 2 week volunteering program at BSBCC. We chose BSBCC for a number of reasons, but the main considerations for us were the threats that sun bears are still facing and […]

Chin’s Second Chance

Text by Claire Buckingham (Volunteer) Photos by Chiew Lin May   It sounds cliché to say it, but the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is all about second chances. Chin, now nine years old, came to BSBCC in July 2014 via a wildlife rescue unit, who took her from a primary school’s mini zoo. It’s […]

Integration of Sun Bears

Text by Maria Nikas (Volunteer) Photos by Chiew Lin May Integration is utilized to accustom bears to other bears in preparation for release into enclosures on site at BSBCC. The integration process is vital as Sun Bears are usually solitary animals and each step is very important to ensure the bears are compatible and don’t […]

Five Years and Thirty-five Bears

Text and Photos by Joanna Buckingham My journey to BSBCC is probably longer than most. Most of my friends,  family and work colleagues have known me as a sun bear fanatic and I can pinpoint the exact moment in 2009 that I fell in love with these ridiculously small and cute bears.  Always a bear […]

Sun Bear Cub Kala Deserves a Chance

Text and Photos by Chiew Lin May Kala is an 8 month old female sun bear cub who was rescued by the Sabah Wildlife Department on January 2015. At the time of her rescue, Kala showed signs of being emaciated, dehydrated and malnourished. Thanks to the Sabah Wildlife Department, Kala was saved and brought to […]

Helping the little bears of Borneo

My name is Marie, from Australia. I have just completed 2 weeks of volunteering at BSBCC with my partner Warren. The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center is located near Sepilok, about 20 km from Sandakan. My 2 weeks there was really worthwhile, educational and I made a contribution by helping the staff at BSBCC in […]