Monthly Archives: June 2016

Helping Lawa be Wild Again

Text and Photos by Brad Josephs This past April I had a two week gap between guiding trips in china and Borneo for natural habitat adventures this past April and I could think of no better to spend the time than support the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC.). The founder of the program, Wong […]

Happy Kala and The Forest

Text by Seng Yen Wah Photos by Chiew Lin May Kala is a one year old, female bear. She is at BSBCC because her previous owner surrendered her to the Sabah Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Rescue Unit with the intention to save her after they found her on Kalabakan-Sapulut Road near Meliau Basin. Kala got to […]

General Medical Check Up for 40 bears and Satellite Collaring on Second Release Candidate – Lawa

Text by Seng Yen Wah Photos by Chiew Lin May After a year, it’s time for the bears to do their annual health check. We really appreciate Dr.Pakeeyaraj Nagalingam, who is a Veterinarian from the Sabah Wildlife Department, Wildlife Rescue Unit, to conduct this health check for all the bears in BSBCC with his valuable […]