Monthly Archives: March 2017

Friends for Life – Nano and Noah

Text and Photos by Chiew Lin May   Both male bear cubs, Nano and Noah were likely taken from their mothers and kept in tiny cages as illegal pets. When they were rescued from being illegal pets in 2016, Nano was very stressed, shy, in pain and was too fearful with the outside world, ?whilst Noah […]

Time Is A Miracle

Text by Seng Yen Wah Photos by Chiew Lin May & Seng Yen Wah Noah, a ten months old male bear cub was found when he was still young, and people thought he was a dog, until they took a closer look at him and realised that he was a sun bear.   They kept him […]

Monika’s Volunteer Experience

Text by Monika Lapka Photos by Chiew Lin May and Seng Yen Wah My name is Monika and I’m 24 years old from Australia. I worked as a zoo keeper with mainly giant pandas for 3 years before I decided to quit my job to travel around Asia volunteering at a number of different animal conservation […]

My Volunteering with APE Malaysia at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre February 2017

Text By Peter Lowe Photos By Sumira Muis Hi, I am Peter Lowe, 66 years of age, retired chef/catering manager/restaurant manager. I am British and have resided in Prague, Czech Republic for the past 22 years and this is now my home :-):-) I have had a love for animals from a very young age […]

Meet Kina & Sika – Beginning of a New Life

Text by Chiew Lin May Photos by Azzry Dusain & Chiew Lin May Today they saw their rescuers. Each rescued orphan sun bear needs to cope with the traumatic loss of their mother and generally ends up in the illegal pet trade. They all have a terrible start to their young lives. Surely their memories […]

The First Rescued Sun Bears in 2017

Text by Seng Yen Wah Photos by Seng Yen Wah & Chiew Lin May Kina (Rescue- 54), an one year old female sun bear cub and Sika (Rescue-55), a four months old female sun bear cub were sent to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) by the Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) today (1st March […]