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The rescued bears enjoy a new forest enclosure

Text by Chiew Lin May
Photos by Tee Thye Lim & Chiew Lin May

BSBCC provides care and a second chance for the rescued sun bears to live in the forest by accessing the natural forest enclosure. In the past few months, one of the BSBCC forest enclosure (Pen D) has been temporarily closed for upgrading. We have built a new pool, and have planted new plants in the forest enclosure to keep the bears happy and stimulated. Besides that, there was one part of the area that had been damaged by our active young sun bears, causing exposure of tree roots which would eventually cause the tree to die. So we have built a concrete retaining wall in the forest enclosure to stop erosion and to prevent the large tree from collapsing.

Forest enclosure (Pen D) for rescued bears, showing a retaining wall and new pool.

Forest enclosure (Pen D) for rescued bears, showing a retaining wall and new pool.


On May 17th 2015, the construction of the forest enclosure was finally done. The six adult bears (one male and five females) group including Fulung, Bongkud, Ah Bui, Mary, Debbie and Damai explored their new surroundings. As expected, it took a while for the bears to venture, but after a few sniffs and a scan through the forest enclosure they became more curious and confident.

In the tropical climate of Borneo, the pool allows the rescued bears to cool down their body. They are free to swim, play, wrestle, and splash in their new pool! Thanks to the generous Buildtech for helping us construct the retaining wall and new pool for the rescued bears.

Look at them now, digging for grubs, climbing trees, playing together, explore the pool and learning how to be just like a wild bear!!

They happily settling into new encironment

Tapping and exploring the new pool

Fulung is make sure the new concrete retaining wall is safe to use

Ah Bui wondering where is the previous big hole gone?

They are adventurous and attempt to climb trees

They are adventurous and attempt to climb trees

They love digging dead wood in search of insects to keep them busy all the time.

Enjoy sunbathing too!

After the tummy is full, it is time for napping

The bears have much better care with to keep them happy and stimulated!




Text by Jaike Bijleveld
Photos by Chiew Lin May


Damai is a shy and sweet little girl of 2 years old who loves splashing herself with water. Besides the two sun bear cubs Loki and Sunbearo, she is the youngest sun bear in the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). 

When Damai was only 5 months old, she was found wandering at a car park before she was brought to the BSBCC.

Young Damai climbing around a big wooden log.

In the first seven months or so, one of the bear care staffs showed her the jungle around the Sepilok Jungle, to get her familiar with the surroundings. To surprise of everybody, she started making a nest in a tree without a mother to show her how!

Damai gets to see her new home at 5 months old.

Looking for tasty termites.

Termite nests is greedily explored.

As if she has always lived in the jungle.

Damai is very proud of her first build nest!

When she was about 1 year old, it became too dangerous for a human to walk with her in the jungle, so she moved to the indoor bear house. Usually this is also the age that people, who keep sun bear as a pet, start to realize that sun bears are wild animals and their huge canines and claws can and will be very dangerous. Next stop for a captured sun bear is often a tragic one: the cooking pot, the traditional medicine store or the black market.

In the wild, baby sun bears will stay with their mother until they are 2 to 4 years old, before they take off to live a solitary life. They learn all kinds of practical things to survive. Damai lost her mother too young, so she needs to learn these things from other sun bears, although she already proved that some skills depend on nature rather than nurture!


Now she reached the age that she is not so vulnerable anymore, so it was time to start an integration process with six other bears of her age: the females Mary, Debbie, Koko, Ah Bui and Bongkud, and the male Fulung.  They all share four adjacent indoor cages, connected by sliding doors, but until two weeks ago the sliding door of Damai’s cage was kept closed until the six others went to the outdoor enclosure at day time.

Damai is about to meet Mary for the first time.

Damai gets chased away from the basket.

Because it would be too overwhelming for Damai to meet all six sun bears at the same time, one by one introduction was started for the first five days. Except Mary and Ah Bui, all of them where curious, started sniffing at her and wanted to play with Damai, but only Fulung succeeded. Not because Damai wanted to play with Fulung, but simply because it was not possible to escape strong and playful Fulung!

The playing of sun bears looks a lot like a wrestling match, with a lot of neck biting and clawing, but as long as there is no growling, you know it’s just playing. Later, in the wild, the fighting skills they learn while playing are very useful when they get attacked by, for instance, a python or clouded leopard or other competitive sun bears.

No.This is not a dancing bear! Damai does not want to play with Fulung.

Fulung loves to play with Damai!

Little Mary wants to sleep and do not bother Damai.

Playful Fulung keeps on rolling and grabbing Damai, she cannot escape from him!

Play fight looks like a wrestling match.

Sometimes Damai can take control, here she is back away Bongkud.

This is still playing!

The group is getting more comfortable around Damai, Koko rolling backwards over Damai.

Time for a nap in the basket after play.

Best friends Mary (Left) and Debbie (Right) watching Damai play with Fulung.

In the following days, the number of bears integrating with Damai slowly increased, until after about 8 days the complete group could be with Damai at the same time. In the days that passed, it became clear that Damai is a girl that likes to be alone. Bongkud and Debbie manage to play fight with her for a few minutes, and Fulung still is record holder playing with Damai. The rest of the group is simply ignored or ignores Damai.  But there is no aggression either, so the integration sessions can be called successful. After all, being alone is their nature.


Before any sun bear can leave the indoor bear house to the outside forest enclosure, there is training required: fence training. Each forest enclosure has a fence with electrical wire (hot wire). This is necessary to make sure that non-integrated groups won’t climb to each other’s enclosure, or that any of the sun bears won’t climb outside the enclosure where humans walk and dangers for the sun bear lure.

Honey, porridge and fruits near the hot wire.

In the indoor bear house, next to the cages where Damai had her integration sessions, is a large training pen. With honey, porridge and fruit Damai was encouraged to come near the hot wire, with a very low voltage in the beginning. The first day, the same day of her first integration session, Damai touched the hot wire while licking the honey. It scared her so much that she immediately ran back to her own cage! The next day the same thing happened, and the three following days she had just enough courage to walk into the training pen before hurrying back to her own safe cage. It took a whole week and four more ‘zappings’ before Damai understood how to get the food without touching the hot wire and walk confident around in the training pen. At that point the integration area could be extended to the training pen.

Damai learn the fence training. She loves honey!

Very careful trying to get a piece of banana without getting zapped.

This week she will be allowed to go to the outside enclosure together with the rest of her group to reach the final stage of her training: get her ready to release her back in the wild!

Last step for Damai waiting her out to the forest enclosure BSBCC.




…and then there were 10!

Text by Shelly Smith
Photos by Chiew Lin May

First few moments of freedom for 10 sun bears just climbing and playing around the forest enclosure.

They are interact with the natural environment experiencing with different smells and sounds.

Following up on the indoor integration of the Mary and Natalie groups, today we saw the culmination of the exercise – the whole group outside sharing one forest enclosure!

By regularly allowing the indoor socializing and ‘wrestling parties’ these bears so love, the bear house team ensured the two groups remained on friendly terms.

Finally the time had come to test their ‘friendliness’ outdoors, where controlling a tense situation or fight would be impossible. A few of us entered the forest enclosure to scatter loads of fruit which would serve to distract from conflict, and fill tummies, hopefully creating a contented environment. Having only fed and observed from the feeding platform into this forest enclosure, I felt a little like being in someone’s home without their permission!

The forest enclosure looked so charming for the sun bears to roaming around.

Then the bear keepers opened the bear house doors while we waited expectantly at the feeding platform, anxious to see who would be the first to arrive in the pen. It took a good 5 minutes before we finally saw Fulung and another of the Mary group trundling along, calmly foraging on the scattered fruit. We had another wait until we saw any of Natalie’s cronies come to investigate the main area of the forest enclosure. Slowly Rungus, Natalie and Julaini began to familiarise themselves with the change of environment. Fresh alliances were forged and tree trunks were explored. Curiosity ruled the day.

They immediately look for insects in trees, climb trees and sleep high up in the canopy.

Sometimes they will just rest at forest floor.

Late afternoon found Natalie relaxing under her new favourite tree with a new found favourite friend – Bongkud, while Ah Bui sunned her tummy as her latest cohort Rungus dug for termites. Debbie showed off her climbing skills and Fulung continued his endless search for tasty snacks.Fortunately the day passed wonderfully uneventfully.

Introduce the ten sun bears that share in one forest enclosure:

-Natalie, 3 years old sub adult female

– Rungus, 5 years old adult female

– Julaini, 5 years old adult male

– Ah Lun, 5 years old adult female

– Ah Bui, 3 years old sub-adult female

– Debbie, 2 years old sub-adult female

-Mary, 2 years old sub-adult female

-Koko, 2 years old sub-adult female

-Fulung, 2 years old sub-adult male

-Bongkud, 2 years old sub-adult female

The bears all headed indoors for their much-loved evening meal; Julaini had chosen to stay indoors during this change of routine, which was probably fortunate as this young male could be a rough playmate with Fulung at times. While Natalie and Bongkud  like to stay outside forest enclosure.

The next day proceeded to be just as peaceful and without any incidents. This must be a world first – successfully integrating ten bears into a single forest enclosure.

They walked and looked around, choosing a tree. But when they did, they too quickly climbed to the top and rested in the height of the canopy.

Natalie was playing with enrichment made by the students of South Island School, Hong Kong.

Together have a nap in the forest.

Play fight in the forest.

Koko get a nice posture of sleeping.

Climbing tree and grooming together.

Compete in climbing tree together.

Debbie is alert and ready to forage for her food.

Natalie is enjoy roaming and climbing trees.

It was a best place that a bear would lay down and take a midday nap.

Koko is too tired after explore the forest, take a rest first!

Ah Bui climbs a tree for a better look.

Enjoying a wrestling match!!

Debbie is very active , independent and playful sun bear.

Debbie is the only bear at the Centre with a “Y” shaped chest mark and look like a wine.

Koko is using the dead log to scratch her body.

It seem like Julaini was enjoyed in the forest.

Rungus was playing with enrichment made by the students of Ape Malaysia.

Fulung is very careful and keeps its distance.

Ah Bui is explore and very curious of the various things that surround them her – from leaves to leeches.

“Let me have a rest first! “

Wonder what is Mary thinking about?

Obviously this is not ideal, much more space is required. But it shows how well the competent bear staff know their bears – to manage factors like age, sex, character traits, and hierarchies within established groups – to pull this off so smoothly in the limited space available. Congrats, guys, it was a great privilege to be involved in this venture!

Now Bermuda can have his turn out in the forest:-)

Integration between Mary’s Group and Natalie’s Group

Text by Shelly Smith
Photos by Chiew Lin May

Good thing this is just play- fighting!

As the BSBCC presently only has 3 outdoor pens large enough to accommodate several bears at the same time, some seriously strategic ‘bear shuffling’ has to occur in the bearhouse in order to get the right bears into the right cages for the outdoor exit ramps.

There are 2 existing groups that need to be integrated so they can occupy one outdoor pen instead of two, freeing up the second outdoor pen for Bermuda, a large mature male who is eagerly awaiting his outdoor sessions.

The two groups are ‘matriarchal’. The’’ Mary’’ group consists of 6 sub adult bears – little Mary, Ah Bui, Debbie, Koko, Bongkud and young male Fulung. 2nd group is Natalie’s group of four, with Natalie, Ah Lun,  Runggus and young male Julaini.

Bear etiquette dictates that a polite introduction is by way of curiously sniffing through an interconnecting gateway – if no sign of aggression is seen, then the gateway is opened cautiously by the bear keeper, and one bear may proceed into the adjoining cage where the sniffing procedure progresses to a stage of playful paw inductions. Hereafter it is quite permissible to raucously cavort around the cage and wrestle in the hammock (or other enrichment provided) until one or both bears are completely exhausted. Suckling on a bear’s ears is a privilege for best friends only.

Integration started on the 9th September by daily introducing one bear from Mary’s group to the Natalie group bears, one bear at a time over an hour or so. These introductions over the week went amazingly well with no hint of aggression as each bear learnt the smells, stature and behaviour of the others, in spite of two females being on heat during the process.

Come get me!

OK, I give up!

However, there came a turning point when the two young males were introduced. All went smoothly at the beginning of the session with 7 of the bears occupying  3 interlinking cages, playing and rough-housing with great abandon. Fulung, the young male from Mary’s group, has a wound that he continuously scratches at and thus it cannot heal. Julaini, the young male from Natalie’s group, curious to see if this could be meat, took a bite, with the ensuing fracas becoming quite violent, and intervention needed.

Lesson learnt! – since then Fulung’s would is treated with medication so he no longer smells like a meal, and all bears taking part in integration sessions are fed copious amounts of fruity treats, so tummies are full and everyone’s content beforehand.

Boys can get quite rough.

Come play in this cage.

Sizing each other up!

After tired of play, taking a break in the basket.

Checking out the new scenery.

Hammocks are also made for wrestling.

I got you!


End result of any good bear wrestling.

Girls just chill and chat.

All 10 bears will continue to mingle for a period every day under the watchful eyes of the bear team until they are deemed ‘’suitably merged’’ to enter the outdoor pen together. Bermuda can then finally be moved up the chain of linked cages to the outdoor exit of forest enclosure, and experience the freedom of the natural forest again!

Special Moments with Mary, Ah Bui, Koko, Debbie, Fulung and Bongkud in the BSBCC Forest Enclosure Part II

Text and Photos by Chiew Lin May

It is happy sight to see Mary, Debbie, Ah Bui, Koko, Fulung and Bongkud knew what to do when they went out into the enclosure with all of the trees. Here are some photos of our sub-adult sun bears, out in their forest enclosure. They are very awesome!!

Look what Debbie doing in the forest enclosure!!

Debbie is enjoy eating the Durian (King of Fruits).

Look what Koko doing in the forest enclosure!!

Koko was tried to break the coconut.

Look what Ah Bui doing in the forest enclosure!!

Look what Mary doing in the forest enclosure!!

Look what Fulung doing in the forest enclosure!!

Look what Bongkud doing in the forest enclosure!!


Bongkud climb high up the liana.

For more information about BSBCC and the sun bears, have a look at website ( and facebook (

Special Moments with Mary, Ah Bui, Koko, Debbie, Fulung and Bongkud in the BSBCC Forest Enclosure Part 1

Text by Chiew Lin May
Photos by Gloria Ganang & Chiew Lin May

On June 11th, 2013 Ah Bui and Mary spent their first few moments of freedom roaming, exploring, and playing around the forest enclosure. The next day, they were joined by Debbie and Koko. Soon after, the four sun bears were united with Fulung and Bongkud in one forest enclosure. At first they were curious about all of the tall trees around them. Tall trees! NOT a cage!!

These 6 sub-adult sun bears are now spending a lot of their time exploring, roaming, digging, resting, climbing, and foraging for food in the forest enclosure. They interact with their new environment by using their strong keen senses to experience different smells and sounds in the forest.

Today, a dream became reality, and now these 6 sub-adult sun bears are confidently roaming and exploring in the forest. Once the door was opened, all of them went out into the forest immediately. They are extremely adventurous and already attempting to climb trees and logs. The bears are happily enjoying living amongst the tropical rainforest, each in their own special way. Ah Bui, likes to dig in the soil and search for food while others prefer to use their sharp canines to rip open trees and find their favourite snack. They rummage through the forest smelling around decayed wood and dead logs in search of any interesting insects and invertebrates.

When the bears are not spending their time resting or sunbathing on the forest canopy they are sharpening their tree climbing skills to help them catch termites and other forest invertebrates.
They’ve also become good playmates and will play, chase, hang out, and climb trees together in the forest.

It brings great satisfaction to see the 6 young sun bears freely roaming in the forest enclosure. They’ve all made such great progress, and are beginning to take on characteristics and natural behaviours of wild sun bears. Adapting to the forest is not easy, but once they begin to explore, things will get better.

The sun bear is one of the most mysterious bears of the jungle, and plays such an important role in maintaining the ecosystem and equilibrium of the forest. Major threats to sun bear include habitat loss and poaching. Sun bears are classified as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) aims to conserve sun bears through education, rehabilitation, and research with hopes to improve the welfare for captive orphan sun bears. Please help us spread the word!!
Here are a couple of photos of Mary, Ah Bui, Koko and Debbie explore in the BSBCC forest enclosure.

Ah Bui (front) and Debbie (behind) was curious with the outside forest enclosure.

Fulung and Bongkud become the indicator for Mary, Ah Bui, Koko and Debbie out to forest.

Ah Bui has very easily adapted to her new environment. She seems a very happy bear who is enjoy her freedom in the forest enclosure.

Mary loves to spends her time playing with her playmates and also busy in searching for her favorite termites and other forest invertebrates.

Debbie has a very strong personality and is always aware and curious of her new surroundings.

Koko loves playing around in the forest enclosure. She climbs the tree with Fulung.

They are enjoy their freedom in the forest enclosure !!

Ah Bui and Fulung were play together.

They climb like a wild sun bear in forest enclosure

Sun bears have great sense of smell.They spend most of their time foraging for food.

The long sharp claws and canines of the sun bear are handy for tearing open trees bark where insect and bee nests can be found and slurped up using their special long tongue.

Debbie is curious and usually pause to investigate something unfamiliar things around her. Her head up so she can see and smell.

They spend much of the day sunbathing or resting on the forest floor or trees.

They are tree climbers and spend most of their time amongst the branches.

Ah Bui and Mary was busy foraging for food.



The Integration of Natalie with Bongkud

Text and photos by Chiew Lin May

On 16th March 2013, Bongkud had integrated with Natalie. Natalie is famous with “The Group Leader”. Natalie was one of our rescued sun bear by Sabah Wildlife Department that sent to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). Natalie is a Latin girl name which is to remember her arrival two days before Christmas.

Once the gate was opened, an active and playful sun bear, Natalie was the first who went to approached and sniffed to Bongkud. Through the Bongkud expression, she was so happy to get a new playmate again although Natalie’s body size was bigger than her. Bongkud try her best fought back and showed she has strength too. All of the strong claws and canines were showed up during the play fight. None of the sun bears showed any aggression and frustrated behaviour. Both of them spend a whole day for chasing, rolling, mock fight and climbing around together. It was a great integration!! They integrated well and seem to begin to understand and trusted each other better. Natalie shows the most dominance.

Natalie, the group leader (front) and Bongkud (behind) play fight like wrestler.

Bongkud (behind) was press by Natalie. Both of the sun bears want to show who are more stronger.

Natalie (right) started to accept Bongkud (left)’s presence. Both of them play happily.

A great new playmate!! Bongkud (left) was help groom Natalie (right) body.

On that day, ginger leaf was given as enrichment for all the sun bears. Natalie and Bongkud played with the ginger leaf together without fighting. After they were tired playing, both of the sun bears took a quick rest on ground floor which is embedded with dried leaves. So adorable!!

No aggression happened between Natalie and Bongkud when distribute the ginger leaves (enrichment).

Both even share the ginger leaf together !

After a long play fight, Bongkud and Natalie was rest by cover ginger leaf on their eyes. A great integration!!

The Integration of Rungus with Bongkud

Text and photos by Chiew Lin May

During the play fight, Bongkud (left) and Rungus (right) show their canine teeth and claws to prove who among them has more strength!!

Bongkud has another new buddy and playmate, Rungus. Rungus is a 5 year old sub adult female. Rungus’ name is the name of an ethnic group who live in the Kudat district of Sabah. She was kept at the Victory Mini Zoo Farm in Kudat, Northern Sabah and arrived at BSBCC on the 12th  November 2010.

On the 26th February 2013, Bongkud was integrated with Rungus. Once the gate was opened Rungus went into the next cage where Bongkud was located. Rungus sniffed Bongkud and was very curious. After two minutes, both started to play fight together!! Bongkud has a smaller body compared to Rungus, but this was not a problem for Bongkud and she got on very well with her new friend. Both of them kept chasing each other around and standing up on both hind legs before rolling together to show who has more strength. Their claws and canines were also shown. Tired from play fighting, both had a rest and were gasping for breath. Sometimes Bongkud would climb up high to avoid Rungus who was biting her on the neck. It was very interesting when they were play fighting inside the basket for about thirty minutes. Rungus was always looking very cool and peaceful.  At the end of the day, the integration was a great success. Rungus was the one who showed the most dominance.

Bongkud and Rungus will integrate for two to three hours. As usual, both of the sun bears will play fight, chase each other, roll and climb around together. So far their interactions are positive and finally they are become good playmates.

These are the pictures that show how Bongkud and Rungus play fight.


Rungus (left) and Bongkud (right) was spend their time play fight inside the basket for about thirty minutes.

The Integration of Julaini with Bongkud

Text and photos by Chiew Lin May

Julaini, a 4 year old sub adult male, was named after the head welder who constructed the new bear house. Julaini came to the centre from Lok Kawi Wildlife Zoo on the 3rd July 2010. Julaini has a cataract problem, which has resulted in a white dot on his left eye.

Bongkud, a 2 year old sub adult female, was named after the village where she was rescued in Ranau, Sabah. She arrived at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) last year on the 19th June 2012.

Julaini started integrating with Bongkud on the 25th February 2013 at 2.44 pm. Once the gate was opened, Julaini went into the next cage where Bongkud was located. Julaini initiated play fighting and started to sniff Bongkud’s body and was very curious about her. They gently touched and sniffed the face and neck of each other using their mouth and nose. Once play-fighting began, both sun bears stood on their hind legs and tried to push each other over with their strong paws. However, Bongkud being a little too playful started to bite Julaini. Julaini bite Bongkud back and he started asserting his dominance by pinning Bongkud on the ground. Before long though, they were rolling, chasing,  play fighting and climbing around together. There was no barking or huffing sounds happening when they were play fighting, however, they did bare their claws and canine teeth.  After a few minutes together they had already started to accept each other.

Julaini (front) and Bongkud (behind) was showed up their strong claws and canine teeth !!

Both spends the day with chasing, rolling and play fight together without aggression behavior.

There was a good deal of mutual sniffing and playing together. They spent much time playing, chasing and resting. They would often try and guess the other’s mood before continuing to play fight!!

Sometimes they continued to play until they were both very tired and then they would rest on the ground. At one point Julaini wanted to rest and eat some fruit but Bongkud still wanted to continue play fighting. However, Julaini made it clear by making some warning sounds that he was not interested in playing first and continued to eat and forage. Bongkud got the message and left Julaini alone. Their play fighting though was mostly very gentle. Both of the sun bears did not show any signs of aggression. At the end of the day the integration was going well and a great success. But, Julaini was definitely showing dominance over Bongkud.

Bongkud tried to show Julaini that she has the strength too !!

Juliani showed dominance over bongkud !!

Bongkud was rest at branch after tired play fight with Julaini.

At the end of the integration with Julaini, Bongkud expression showed that finally she can lying down on ground floor to rest.

For the rest of their first week together they integrated well and no aggression was noted. After all, Bongkud now has a new friend and playmate and is getting on very well with Julaini!!

Bongkud finally plays with another bear

Text by Gloria Ganang and photo by Wong Siew Te

Bongkud, a 1-year-old sun bear arrived at the centre last June. She was named after the village where she was rescued,  located in the Ranau district of Sabah. She had yellowish coat and milk teeth when she first arrived. However, Bongkud’s coat has gradually improved (she now has darker coat) and her canine teeth is developing.

Fulung (meaning “forest” in the native Lundayeh language), is 2 years old and came to the centre in August 2010. He is from Long Pasia village in Sipitang district of Sabah. He used to be integrated with Mary and Debbie (both sub adult females). However, Fulung had an injury on his belly and needed to be stitched and separated from his girl pals until his wound heals. It has been 5 months since his separation from the rest.

Bongkud moved in to the cage next to Fulung on the 11th August 2012. Through the expressions of Fulung’s behavior, he couldn’t wait to play with Bongkud.

Finally the day came, when the gates between them was opened. Fulung’s wound looked fantastic and Bongkud is ready for integration with other bears. The gate was opened at 3.10pm yesterday (7thSeptember 2012). Fulung, oftenly being the curious one went into his next cage while Bongkud was still busy suckling her feet and playing with the fire hose inside her basket.

Fulung sensed Bongkud and instantly climbed inside her cage. Bongkud, not realizing Fulung’s presence startled and gave Fulung an alarming bark! Her immediate reaction was moving a step back from Fulung to the other end of her basket. They both starred at each other for a few seconds and Fulung stepped away, sensing that it was not yet the right moment for playtime. He let Bongkud to settle down until he slowly approached her again, gave her a little sniff from his sticky nose and then…….PLAYTIME!

Fulung (left) and Bongkud (right),
“step inside my basket”.

Bongkud (left), “I got canines too!”

Bongkud (left), “I’m smaller but I’m stronger”

Fulung (left), “I have bigger claws!”

Bongkud (right) giving Fulung a bite on the neck.

Another bite at the back from Bongkud

Fulung and Bongkud played for nearly an hour. They chased, rolled over and bit each other. They totally ignored the keepers who were feeding them. Bongkud was the first one to feel exhausted but Fulung couldn’t get enough of the fun of biting and chasing. They continued playing until it was dinner time where both of them went back to their own cages. The gate between them was closed. It was 5pm. The BSBCC team had to sign out and open the gate again the next day. Since this was their first integration, it requires monitoring until we are certain that they are good playmates.

This is a special day for Bongkud. This could be her first contact with another sun bear after a very long time. However, Bongkud has a long way ahead of her in going through rehabilitation until she returns to the wild again.