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Bornean Sun Bear Conservation UK is now Sun Bear Conservation Trust

March 14, 2009 marked history for sun bear conservation in UK. The first meeting of Bornean Sun Bear Conservation UK, a newly established charity group that helps BSBCC and sun bear conservation, meet up in London for the first time to discuss the formation, operation, and direction of the organization. During the meeting, it was agreed that the name of BSBC UK to be change to Sun Bear Conservation Trust, as the mission of saving and helping sun bear and the operation of the activities will not limit to Borneo and UK respectively.

Like most of the successful conservation projects working on saving endangered species in developing countries, the involvement and supports of all levels- from local, national, and all the way to international   communities, governments, and NGOs are crucial keys to success. The formation of Sun Bear Conservation Trust, or SBCT, is motivated by several former-volunteers at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and BSBCC, including the Chairwomen Julie Trump who have helped and have up-close-and personal experiences with the sun bears at BSBCC. All of them were inspired by the facts that these bears are truly amazing animals but unfortunately being forgotten by conservation communities and general public. Sun Bear Conservation Trust therefore has a mission to save and help this forgotten bear species.

SBCT is now recruiting members in UK and welcome comment and ideals to make it grow stronger. Please feel free to contact Julie at [email protected]  if you would like to be a member, interested in having copy of minutes of meeting or have any question.


The first meeting of Bornean Sun Bear Conservation UK (now Sun Bear Conservation Trust ) meeting at Le Pain Quotidien, London – Saturday 14th March 2009.

From left to right:  Anna Cocker, Fiona McInally, Julie Trump (Chair), Todd Dalton, Wai-Ming Wong, Lindsey Hahn.


 Julie is working hard to raise money and awareness by having a boot sale last month.

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Thanks Julie for the hard work!