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Update on current construction projects in the BSBCC

Text and photos by Ade Kurniawan

In the past few weeks, the BSBCC has been quite fortunate to receive two different groups of volunteers (Raleigh and Camp Borneo) to help with several construction projects in the centre (designed and supervised by Arkitrek interns, Adam Leigh-Brown and Maryam Gomary). Not an easy task as both groups had to complete their projects while battling Borneo’s sweltering heat and sudden torrential rains. Not to mention the occasional pig-tail macaque and orang-utan harassment!

Adam (in black) and Maryam (in grey), the two Arkitrek interns


Another group arrived on the 22nd July to continue the work done by the previous Alpha 4 group. To recap, the Raleigh volunteers have been focusing on the construction of several large enrichment structures which will be used in the future forest enclosure. Supervised by Adam and Raleigh project leaders, these volunteers spared no time and went straight to work!

Will be part of the playground for the bears!

Climbing post built by Matthew, David and Sabrina

Yes, they dont often get to pose for cameras

Working in funny smelling mud

Obligatory photo with Wong!

Camp Borneo

In the past several weeks, Camp Borneo (part of Camps International, an organization focusing on volunteerism via expeditions) has sent two groups to help construct a compost bin for the BSBCC. With all the food waste (unused parts of fruits, vegetables, etc) produced in the BSBCC kitchen, it became quite clear that such waste could be put to good use. On top of that, they were also tasked to build a boardwalk that would lead to the future forest enclosure. These two projects were designed and led by Maryam.

Building boardwalks

Laying the framework

Framework is partially up

Another obligatory photo with Wong!

Thanks guys!