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Sun Bear Centre To Raise Funds, Calls For Public Support



Sun Bear Centre To Raise Funds, Calls For Public Support

SANDAKAN, June 27 (Bernama) — The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) will hold a fundraising dinner to raise RM500,000 to partially fund the construction of a second bear house before it is opened to the public early next year.Chief executive officer and founder Wong Siew Te said part of the money raised will also be used to construct a one hectare enclosure for the new bear house and to meet operational costs for the year.

The fundraising dinner to be held on July 20 at the Hakka Association Hall here comes almost five years after a similar event in Kota Kinabalu raised RM1.3 million that was partly used for the construction of the first bear house.

Wong said this year’s operational and construction costs run into RM2 million and despite the commitment of generous donors, it needs to meet shortfall in expenses.

“We appeal to Malaysians, especially the Sandakan business community to support this fundraiser. By attending the event, you will be able to better understand the significance of sun bears and the types of threats this species faces.”

The BSBCC which started operation in 2008 with seven rescued sun bears currently provides refuge to 28 sun bears.

“It is the first and the only facility of its kind in the world and the only one that conduct rescue, education, research and rehabilitation. We should be proud that it is located in Malaysia, specifically in Sandakan,” Wong said in a statement to announce the fund raising dinner, here today.

The BSBCC is located next to the world famous Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre and also close to the increasingly popular Rainforest Discovery Centre.

Habitat loss, poaching for parts used in traditional medicine and the pet trade are among key threats that have led to a 30 per cent decline of the sun bear population in the last three decades.

Sun bears, the smallest of the world’s eight bear species, are found throughout mainland Asia, Sumatra and Borneo.

The exact number of sun bears in the wild is unknown, making it even more pressing to protect the species classified as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List, and at risk of becoming endangered unless circumstances threatening their survival improve.

Sun bears are also classified as a ‘Totally Protected Species’ under the Sabah Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997, providing it the same status as the Orang Utan and Sumatran Rhinoceros.

Prior to the establishement of BSBCC, sun bears were kept illegally as pets while confiscated bears were housed at a government facility.

The BSBCC provides care and the chance for sun bears to learn what it is like to live in the forest by accessing an attached natural forest within an enclosed area.

Wong said an observation platform and boardwalk were completed last year and that it was poised to become an important education and awareness facility, and could also serve as an ecotourism destination.

“However, we need a second bear house and enclosure to accommodate all the sun bears before we can officially open it. We also need to complete the visitor centre and educational exhibits.”

Sime Darby Foundation, the Sabah government, Sabah Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, and several foreign organisations and zoos in the United States are among agencies that had contributed towards the development of BSBCC.

The fund raising dinner with the theme “Big Dreams, Little Bears” will include photographic art auction by Jonathan Tan.

Performers lined up include Jaclyn Victor, Gary Chaw @ Cao Ge, Pink Tan and Amir Yussof and friends with Lina Teoh and Vincent Huang as masters of ceremony.

A free documentary screening is scheduled for July 21 at Sabah Hotel for 500 students, teachers and representatives of local associations.

The event is supported by the Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Ministry with Sabah Hotel as the main sponsor.

The BSBCC was set up through collaboration of the Sabah Wildlife Department, Sabah Forestry Department and Land Empowerment Animals People (LEAP).


Let the pictures tell the stories… the sun bears at BSBCC

Text and photos by Siew Te Wong

Sun bears live in dense tropical forests across Southeast Asia. In Peninsula Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo, the habitat of sun bears is the ever green tropical rainforests. These rainforest are green and lush all year long with multi-layers of canopies that can reach 65 m above the ground. Trees and all sort of plants grow at every corner in the forest. These dense vegetations provide important covers for the wildlife that live in these forests. As a result, wildlife in the tropical rainforest is illusive, rarely seen, and not well known. One of the wildlife found in these forests is the sun bear!

Let me show you how sun bears live in the lowland tropical rainforest of Borneo.

Thanks to Sabah Wildlife Department, Sabah Forestry Depart, LEAP, many funders, supporters, partners, volunteers, BSBCC has started from a big dream to reality.

Please share these photos and feel free to tag yourself and friends!

Thank you, thank you and thank you!  

Photo 1: This is the first photo I wanted to show: a photo of the lowland rainforest of Borneo. The forest has multi-layers canopies, very dense in vegetation. Life is thriving on every corner in this forest. This is the forest enclosure of BSBCC where the sun bears roam freely each day.

Photo 2: Pay attention to the two red circles. They are here for good reason 🙂

Photo 3: When I used my zoom lens and zoomed in for a little bit. Do you see what I see? No?

Photo 4: OK, check out the red the red circles again, see it now?

Photo 5: This is what I cropped out from the bottom red circle. Yes, a sun bear!

Photo 6: This is what I cropped out from the top red circle. Another sun bear! This bear is sleeping.


Photo 7: I then used my 300mm zoom lens to take another photo. This is what I took 🙂

Photo 8: Cropped out from photo 7, nice eh?

Photo 9: A minute later, the bear seemed to see me from a great distant and waked up from her nap.

Photo 10: Cropped out from Photo 9. Really nice!

Photo 11: Zoom in to the bear on the lower circle. She also seems to know that I was photographing her.

Photo 12: Cropped out from Photo 11. She was peeking at me!

Photo 13: Is time for the bear at the lower red circle to take her nap.

Photo 14: Cropped from photo 13. This is how sun bear sleep or nap on tree. Sun bear is a tree loving bear. They love to climb and spend a lot of their time on tree – sleeping, resting, feeding or even playing!
Amazing? Yes, totally!






Wong’s TEDxKL talk is available online!

If you miss Wong’s talk at TEDxKL 2012, here is the chance to view it youtube:

Please remember to share it! Together we can make sun bear become the most well known bear!


Sun Bear at TEDxKL

Text by Siew Te Wong

“Come Mary my girl, come….” was the first sentence I said when I stood on the stage of TEDxKL last Saturday on July 14th. The 800+ audiences who were in the theater of Temple of Fine Arts at Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur, stretched their neck, anticipated to see Mary the sun bear walking on stage. I then clicked to my first slide: a photo of me and Mary the sun bear took last May when I walk her in the forest!

No, I did not bring Mary the sun bear to the stage of TEDxKL, instead I showed the photo of Mary the sun bear! I began my talk by asking the audiences if they know about sun bear before this TED’s talk. From the stage, I saw about one third of the audience raised their hands. I then asked if they know about giant panda, a cute black and white bear from China, I saw almost EVERYONE raised their hand.

This is the problem that sun bear faced today. After 187 years sun bears was first described to the scientific world by American naturalist Thomas Horsfield in 1825, there are many people in the world still do not know much about a species of bear call sun bear. I therefore name the title of my TEDxKL talk as “Malayan sun bear: our long forgotten bear!”

TED was started in 1984 as a small conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design, to talk about how their ideas come together. Since then, the scope of TED has become even broader. TEDx is a program of local, self- organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event. TEDxKL was the locally organized TED talks held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

The theme of this year TEDxKL conference is “Interdependence”. Sun bear is a good subject to show “interdependency” of sun bear and other forest residents, plants, animal, and all other organisms. All of these live forms, human included, are interdependence of each other to maintain a healthy forest ecosystem and better environment. By telling the sad story of Mary, I talk about the threats of sun bears and how Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is trying to help this little known bear.

At the end of the talk, I official launched the documentary “Big Dream Little Bear” which is now available online at http://distrify.com/films/597-big-dream-little-bears and our new BSBCC website http://www.bsbcc.org.my/. Big Dream Little Bear is the best example of “do what you do best to help sun bear” which was produced, filmed, directed, narrated by Howard Jackson and Audrey Low from Wildhoop Productions.  

It was a great honor for me to be invited to give a talk at TEDxKL last weekend. It was an eye opening event to be able to listen to 12 others speakers’ talks and learned from their experience and great works.  I sincerely thank the organizer for this opportunity to talk about sun bear in front of so many live audiences last weekend and many more across the world who will view the video online. I simply cannot wait until the video is available online.

TEDxKL, you are awesome!






Another new sun bear rescued by SWD and BSBCC

Text and photos by Siew Te Wong

BSBCC recently received a new rescued pet sun bear cub. Kept in a small cage, this poor bear was first seen by a friend of BSBCC in a remote village call Bongkud near Poring Hot Spring in Ranau Township, central Sabah. He then reported the incident to BSBCC and we filed a report to Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD). A rescue operation was conducted by the Sabah Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Rescue Unit on June 7th.

We name this female cub “Bongkud,” after the name of the village where she was rescued. It was already nightfall on June 19th when Bongkud arrived at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. Weighing about 12 kg and with milk teeth attached, we estimated Bongkud about 10 months old. Unlike other sun bears, the coat of Bongkud looks rather dried, meager, and yellowish. I suspected she is suffering from malnutrition, a common problem that we experience from captive sun bear cubs. Her body has few patches of old scars that could resulted from unknown wounds and rubbing against small cages.

Bongkud is tame and did not show any sign of aggression since she arrived at the centre. Her mellow behavior could mean one thing- she was captured from the wild at a very young age. We still have not received her full report about the confiscation and information about the previous owner so we have no way to tell about her history. We placed her in a temporary cage. A full medical examination and health check will be carried out soon by the SWD’s veterinarian to check for potential illness and assess general health.

The number of rescued sun bear currently house at BSBCC is now reached 27 bears with the arrival of Bongkud. We hope we could provide a good and safe halfway house for her at the same time plans for reintroduction is underway. The task is never easy since the first day we started the project. However, with your help and support, we are determine to give these rescued sun bears a better home!  


Bongkud's fur appear to be quit yellow and less black Bongkud is curios on the tired that we give her as toy in her cage.


Bongkud is curios on the tired that we give her as toy in her cage.


Buying Sandals to help sun bears

Text by Anna Wade

Here at the BSBCC, we rely on the generosity of others to help us support our centre. It is incredibly important for us to try and maintain a high profile to make sure that people are aware of our cause and the work that is being carried out to protect the Sun Bear species. Recently, we have received the support of Ipanema, a company that sells sandals worldwide.

The campaign was instigated by Matthias Gelber, who is also known as ‘The Green Man.’ As stated on his website, he has a ‘passion for preserving the planet’s natural environment,’ and after visiting the BSBCC with other volunteers in June 2012. He was determined to help raise awareness in Malaysia for the work being carried out here. After talking to our founder, Wong, he said that he felt ‘extremely fortunate for all the information provided in regards to conservation, rehabilitation and initiatives being carried out at the BSBCC for the future preservation, survival and freedom of the Sun Bears.’ Armed with the knowledge shared by Wong, he set out to share news of the BSBCC to a wider network, through Ipanema.


Named after a beach on the coast of Rio De Janeiro, Ipanema products aim to ‘represent much more than fashion.’ On their U.K. website, they state that they have ‘a strong environmental and ethical influence that aims to preserve all this natural beauty for generations to come.’ In contributing to the BSBCC it appears that this is not merely a statement, but a mission they intend to fulfil. On the 29th of March this year, Ipanema launched their Gisele Bündchen Spring/Summer collection, donating 3 Malaysian Ringgit to the BSBCC for every pair of sandals sold from March 1st to June 30th. Press coverage of the event was aired on Saffiyah, Quickie and Wanita Hari Ini with a positive response to the collection and its involvement with the BSBCC.

Not only is the Ipanema Gisele Bündchen range Sun Bear friendly, it is also environmentally friendly. In an interview at the campaign launch, Matthias Gelber said that the Ipanema Gisele Bündchen product materials had been designed specifically to ‘enhance the recyclability’ and he believed that it was a ‘3 in 1’ product as it was a ‘green brand, had green philosophy and supported a local charity.’

As the Ipanema Gisele Bündchen collection continues to raise money for the BSBCC, we give our heartfelt thanks to all of those who have been involved in this campaign. It is fundraisers like this that help us to continue to rescue and rehabilitate Sun Bears and provide the standard of care that they deserve. It also helps us to spread the word regarding the plight of Malaysia’s vulnerable bear. So what are you waiting for? Time to get a new pair of sandals to help sun bears!

We are looking forward to see you here soon!

Text and photo by Tee Thye Lim

We would like to express our millions of appreciation and special credits to the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia through the Sabah Wildlife Department, for providing us the funds to expand the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC).

Now, we are pleased to announce the completion of our observation platform, elevated board walk that link the car park to the observation platform, and the access road to the bear house.

This construction project started on the 9th Sept 2011, and it is now completed!
Click here to read about <We are getting there!>

The schematic diagram of BSBCC observation platform

The “Organic Bridge” which was built by Raleigh volunteers using reused iron wood that links up the elevated board walk and walking path to briefing area

The ground path which links visitors from “Organic Bridge” to the briefing area. You will find the sun bear’s chest mark pattern design along the walkway!

The staircase which links the briefing area to the “Organic Bridge”.


The access road to the new bear house!

The boardwalk to BSBCC observation platform is now completed!

Yes, we are almost reaching the new BSBCC observation platform.

Here we are! The BSBCC new observation platform!

From here, you will have the chance to observe the world's smallest bear species in their natural behavior and habitat.

Our new platform can hold a maximum capacity up to 40 visitors.


The BSBCC is expecting to be opened for the public by next year (2013), and we are looking forward to seeing you here soon!

And now our remaining task is to raise sufficient funds for the construction of:

  1. The second bear house
  2. Visitor briefing area
  3. Renovation of office area
  4. Bear holding area

The completion of these components is crucial for the success for BSBCC to achieve our missions which is to conserve sun bears through a combination of education, rehabilitation, research, and improve the welfare of captive orphaned sun bears!


The Bears Thank You

Enrichment toys are vital for a recovering sun bear’s health. Photo courtesy of BSBCC

Several months ago, we put out a call via our Animal Care Wish List asking for donations to provide enrichment items for the sun bears housed with our new collaborative partner, the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). You responded generously, and I am pleased to say we were able to send six new toys to the bears at the BSBCC. Thank you so much for your generosity!

The sun bear is a rare bear whose habitat is dwindling rapidly under pressure from deforestation. Primary causes of forest loss include illegal timber extraction and the development of palm oil plantations. Very few studies of wild sun bears have been conducted, and a population census of this species, or the Bornean subspecies, has never been conducted. However, their numbers must surely be on the decline as their habitat steadily shrinks.

One of my objectives is to find more opportunities to conduct research with sun bears, to learn more about them and facilitate conservation of this species. We have had the opportunity to observe the growth and development of four sun bear cubs born to our resident female, Marcella, but a larger sample size of animals was needed to conduct any statistically meaningful research into various aspects of their biology. Enter the BSBCC.

Siew Te Wong founded the BSBCC in Sabah, Borneo, to serve as a rescue and rehabilitation facility for orphaned and injured sun bears. “Wong,” as he is called, had conducted field work on these animals but recognized the need to provide care for bears impacted by forest loss and the illegal pet trade. In only 4 years of operation, the BSBCC has accumulated more than 20 sun bears. Some are destined for Wong’s developing reintroduction program, which will see them repatriated to the wild in time. Others are not good candidates for release and will likely live out their years at the BSBCC.

Thankfully, the BSBCC goes the extra mile to ensure a good home for its sun bears. It has several large outdoor pens that are essentially areas of enclosed natural habitat: giant trees, heavy canopy, soft forest soil, and a multitude of plants and bugs for the bears to enjoy. The enclosures are so natural that wild monkeys and birds often cruise in and perch in the canopy of their trees. The bears are carefully managed so that agreeable animals can be housed together as playmates when possible. Even so, there are so many of these animals that on any given day a few of the bears will be rotated inside so others can enjoy the outside spaces.

The BSBCC likes to provide enrichment for their indoor animals to ensure that their environment remains as stimulating as possible. And that’s where you come in. Your donations helped to aid in maintaining a quality of life for these bears that ensures their physical and emotional well-being. The photos here demonstrate that the bears are enjoying the toys immensely!

We are excited about developing our partnership with the BSBCC into a research opportunity. This will aid in the conservation of the smallest bear on Earth and could lend insight into the bear family tree. We know from our past work, for example, that sun bear mothers and panda mothers are very similar in their attentive maternal-care styles, and both pandas and sun bears differ from the less active hibernating bears like brown and black bears. What other similarities and differences between the bear species will we find?

Your gifts of enrichment were the first step in what I hope will be a long and informative road that leads to new discoveries about sun bears. Thank you again.

Suzanne Hall is a senior research technician for the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Read her previous post, Monday: Black, White, and the Blues.

Sun bears in the spotlight


Monday April 16, 2012

Sun bears in the spotlight

[email protected]

HOW many of us actually know about sun bears and that these creatures inhabit the jungles of Sabah?

It is true. The East Malaysian state is considered to be the last flourishing habitat for these mammals. However, focus on their diminishing numbers often takes a back seat compared to the attention given to species such as the orang utan and proboscis monkey.

The Environmental Education Alliance of South-East Asia (Eeasea) founder Kenny Peavy definitely thinks the level of awareness can be increased among people here.

“A lot of Malaysians don’t realise that there are sun bears in this country, or even bears in Asia for that matter.

Right at home: Peavy loves the outdoors and nature and he hopes to spread that love among more people.

“In the past, sun bears thrived all the way up to Thailand but it is sad how their numbers have diminished greatly to just a few fragmented areas in Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia.

“We hope that this year’s Sun Bear Rock! event will help generate greater interest and understanding about this unique bear species among Malaysians,” said Peavy, 42

Peavy is referring to his brainchild called Rockin’ 4 The Environment project, organised yearly in conjunction with Earth Day celebrations.

This year it takes the theme of Sun Bear Rock! and will be held from April 21 to 28 at the DoPPel Pel Kafe in Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpur.

“The theme chosen is in accordance with the festival’s choice of endangered species to highlight for the year,” said Peavy, adding that this was the fifth year the festival was being held.

For its inaugural year, it was Turtle Rock! followed by Tiger Rock!, Orang Utan Rock! and Dugong Rock!

Local support: Band Pop Shuvit rendering their support for the Orang Utan Rock! event.

“It was meant to focus on the plight of the particular animal of that year, and we had talks dispensing information to the public.

“I’d like to think the festival has managed to pique much concern and curiosity which in turn helps to raise vital funds as well as the profile of environmental education-oriented NGOs in Malaysia.

“In the past four years, some RM55,000 were successsfully raised, all of which were channelled to the respective organisations,” he said.

Peavy has pinned high hopes of achieving a further RM35,000 this year.

He added that Rockin’ 4 The Environment was meant to inject a fun take on the word “green” and biodiversity by combining arts, culture and music for the masses.

Activities include performances by school bands on April 21, a university invasion gig and showcase by students on campus, a performance by upcoming musicians called Sun Bear Rock! Open Mic, an acoustic showcase featuring some of Klang Valley’s top musicians and also an educational community outreach project at the International School of Kuala Lumpur and other schools.

There will be a bazaar, free concert and auction segment on April 28 that will bring together some of KL’s biggest names in the independent music scene.

Personal touch: Artiste Yuna singing a number in support of saving the orang utans during the Orang Utan Rock! festival two years back.

For details, visit www.facebook.com/rockin4theenvironment

All proceeds go to Eeasea and the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, which is headed by Malayan sun bear researcher and conservationist Wong Siew Te.

Though Eeasea was launched this January at the Global Issues Network Indonesia conference in Jakarta, by its line-up of board members and advisers, Peavy said it still has not quite taken off as actively yet.

“I will only concentrate full-time on the organisation after my teaching job is over by June,” said Peavy, who now works as a science/ecology teacher in school and has been living in Malaysia for over 10 years.

According to him, Eeasea will be a network comprising educators and concerned citizens to empower youths and communities with knowledge, attitude, skills and understanding of nature while also inspiring them into action and stewardship for a sustainable future.

“We accomplish this through professional development and training for community members, as well as an online networking forum.

“It is time for Malaysians to learn about their environment and take charge, than to leave it to the experts (to empower the people).

Well-received: Peavy (centre) with a group of Indonesian students in Yogjakarta while he was there to recce the route for his bike ride.

“It’s a new concept but I think Malaysians are ready. You can see the gradual change in people who nowadays prefer to stay in eco-friendly resorts with sustainable practices. With Eeasea, we hope to make conservation and green movements fun, accessible and interesting,” he said.

Hailing from Georgia, US, Peavy reminisces his growing up days where he was surrounded by farms and villages, and where he could run to forests and streams.

“I was always into outdoor recreational activities when younger.

“Sadly, a lot of things have changed from say, 30 years back, which wasn’t so long ago anyway. This has become an impetus for us to protect the environment even more.

“Even if there are lesser green spaces in the urban city, people in villages have become more technologically-connected and savvy than before. It’s all the more reason to play less outdoors,” he added.

Besides Rockin’ 4 The Environment, another of Eeasea’s project is Green Riders: Southeast Asia, an inter-country cycling event to be held in July.

The idea for this bike ride is to film a series of videos highlighting the natural beauty of South-East Asia while conducting interviews with the locals, teachers and organic farmers on their green efforts.

Peavy said there are several efforts of individuals and communities who are quietly carrying out their own preservation work.

However, as many of them work in isolation, their work and ideas often go unnoticed.

“My friend Jamie Raskin and I hence thought of this novel way to shed light on these inspiring people and their creative work.

“The videos will be filmed as educational documentaries and posted them up on YouTube,” he added.

It will take about six weeks for them to complete their journey that starts from Phuket, Thailand, and through Malaysia and Singapore before finishing in Bali.

“We want to invite local cycling clubs to join us as active participants along parts of our route,” he said.

The recce was carried out in December but they are still looking to improve the route.

He aims to cover between 30km and 100km a day, depending on the weather and difficulty of terrain.

“We’ll probably be on our bikes about 80% of the time, as it is not conducive to cycle to traffic-congested cities like Jakarta. That would mean using folding bikes and public transportation,” he added.

While they have found several sponsors for their meals and accommodation. Peavy hopes to raise funds through their bike ride to help cover their costs with remaining funds will go to EEASEA. (Universiti Putra Malaysia has offered to guide and sponsor the entire leg of the trip in Malaysia).

“More than just building networks, we are looking into designing a series of lessons to accompany the videos, which can be used by teachers and students as reference for their own conservation and social responsibility programmes,” concluded Peavy.

An enhanced version of this article was published on The Star iPad app on March 16.

35 Malaysian musicians raise awareness about the Bornean Sun Bears!


Latest update: 14 April 2012


26 March 2012, Kuala Lumpur – The Environmental Education Alliance of South East Asia (EEASEA) presents Rockin’ 4 the Environment – SUN BEAR ROCK! in conjunction with the Earth Day celebrations from 21-29 April 2012 (Editors, please note date change).

Rockin’ 4 the Environment has so far piqued the interest of animal conservationists around the world and raises vital funds and awareness for conservation and environmental education oriented NGO’s in Malaysia. So far, the program has contributed a total of RM55,000 since 2007 to its non-profit partners.

Adopt a sun bear! Get free festival pass for RM150!

Led by a group of schoolteachers and musicians, and the International School of Kuala Lumpur the weeklong festival takes place at DoPPel Kafe @ Central Market Annexe in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and aims to raise a further RM35,000 for the plight of the endangered Sun Bears in Borneo. EEASEA is working hand-in-hand with NGO partner, Bornean Sun Bears Conservation Centre based in Sandakan, Sabah. Over 35 musicians are participating in this worthy cause-related fest and they include Amir Yussof, Rafique Rashid, Free Desserters, Jerome Kugan, The Impatient Sisters and many more musicians!

Amir Yussof
Rafique Rashid will perform his ‘Sun Bear’ song

This year, it has also gained the support of private sector partners like marketing & event solutions company – Go International Group Sdn Bhd, venue sponsor Central Market, environmental education partner – Eco-Knights and many more.

Hall of Fame

  • 2010, DUGONG ROCK! raised RM8000+ for Kelab Alami Malaysia
  • 2009, ORANGUTAN ROCK! raised over RM27,000 for the ORANGUTAN APPEAL UK to help support and raise awareness of the plight of the endangered Orang Utan species.
  • 2008, TIGER ROCK! raised RM11,000+ for MyCat.
  • 2007, TURTLE ROCK! raised RM7000+ for SeaTru (now known as TRRG)

Besides the fundraising efforts in Malaysia by the International School of Kuala Lumpur, there will also be other fundraising activities in neighbouring regions by Jakarta International School, Sinar Mas World Academy- Jakarta, Pasir Ridge International School- Balikpapan, Kalimantan, Indonesia, Singapore American School and United World College SEA in Singapore.

Sun Bear Rocks! looks set to rock the nation this Earth Day. You could purchase a festival pass that includes a Sun Bear Adoption pack for RM150, or contribute a donation at the door for each individual event. Remember, your donation will go a long way towards environmental education! Thank you.

Calendar of Events 2012

Official Launch with Performances by school bands
Guest of Honour:
Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (TBC)
Date: April 21, 2012
Time: 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Main Stage, Central Market (PASAR SENI)

Arts, Music and Fun Festival for conservation awareness co-organised by three parties: Go International Group, The Environmental Education Alliance of South East Asia (EEASEA) and Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCCC) –open to the public (suitable for families with children).

University Invasion! Gig & Showcase by students on campus
Date: April 22, 2012
Time: 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Universiti Malaya campus & various
Cost: RM3

Awareness via Music – one day showcase event for to raise awareness about the Sun Bears coordinated by Eco-Knights for the Environmental Education Alliance of South East Asia (EEASEA) and Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCCC) –open to university & college students.



Date: 23-26 April
Time: School hours
International School of Kuala Lumpur & various other schools

Educational workshops for conservation awareness and Sun Bear protection co-organised by EEASEA and BSBCC – open to school students.


Date: April 25, 2012
Time: 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Venue: DoPPel Kafe Central Market Annexe
Entry: RM15 entry


Jazz, blues and country tunes sung for environmental awareness.

Date: April 26, 2012
Time: 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Venue: DoPPel Kafe Central Market Annexe
Entry: RM5 entry

Upcoming musicians perform for environmental awareness.


Date: April 27, 2012
Time: 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Venue: Central Market Main Stage

All-day environmental & arts bazaar complete with educational activities, seminars and featuring local NGO’s held at Central Market – the centre of the Arts. Concert features some of KL’s biggest names in the independent music scene like Amir Yussof and Rafique Rashid. And join in the fun as we auction anything and everything! Bring something to contribute to the auction pool! ALL proceeds go to Environmental Education Alliance of South East Asia (EEASEA) and Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre.


Date: April 27, 2012
Time: 7.30 p.m. – late
Venue: DoPPel Kafe, Central Market Annexe
Cover: RM40

For one night only, this grand finale concert will feature some of the top names in the independent music scene. From rock bands to DJs, expect to rock the night away with your friends! Be sure to book early! ALL proceeds go to Environmental Education Alliance of South East Asia (EEASEA) and Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre.


How to participate? Attend one of the shows!


Simply sign up by completing a form with your details and a donation of RM150 at any of the events, for your ‘Care for a Sun Bear’ pack. You’ll receive a pack of limited edition postcards of a Sun Bear family and a short story about at BSBCC, a festival pass to ALL events and a limited edition t-shirt. This is a great gift for any occasion – show you care, by helping make a real difference to Sun Bears’ lives!


The BSBCC is a joint project with the Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD), which is responsible for the bears, the Sabah Forestry Department (SFD), which is responsible for managing forest reserves, LEAP, and spearheaded by Malayan Sun Bear researcher and conservationist Wong Siew Te. An MOU has been signed and SWD and SFD have donated all of the land needed for the BSBCC. SWD has also donated buildings and veterinary expertise. In addition, the Sabah State Government supports this project and has agreed to match all funds raised for construction of the project dollar for dollar. This partnership with the state government is critical to ensure the long-term success of the project.

Rockin’ for the Environment presents an important opportunity to promote and increase awareness of the BORNEAN SUN BEAR CONSERVATION CENTRE – which will in turn help raise vital funds for the animals.

For further information visit: www.facebook.com/rockin4theenvironment


Environmental Education Alliance of South East Asia (EEASEA):
Kenny Peavy
[email protected]

Bornean Sun Bears Conservation Centre (BSBCC):
Siew Te Wong
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Go International Group Sdn Bhd (Go Intl PR & Event management):
Jasmine Low
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Mobile: +6017 623 0288