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What a wonderful event!

Ms Rika Koreeda has just sent me the photos of the sun bear tote bag sale event at Sunshine NOHO, New York on November 18.


This event was a truly inspiring story of how can you help sun bear and help BSBCC by doing what you do best. Ms. Rika and her company, Spoon + Folk, a New York based boutique, designed the sun bear tote bag to help us fund raising and raise awareness for sun bear. These photos were from the one day’s “Save the sun bear” tote bag sale in her office.

Thank you Rika and your team to make this event possible. It is no doubt a wonderful event that I for sure feel very touched with the efforts and the time spent by everyone who made this event possible. Although Rika thought that the number of tote bags sold on that day was not great, I still think this was a great event regardless of the sale.

Let the photos speak for themselves. I think the event was so nicely done and will marked history for BSBCC and for sun bear conservation. What do you think?

A huge THANK YOU Rika and your team to make this event possible.

Domo arigado gozaimashita!



Great News! You can order the Sun bear Tote bag by email!


Great News! You can order the Sun bear Tote bag by email!

 The creator of Save the Sun Bear Tote bag, Ms Rika Koreeda, agrees to take purchase order of the sun bear tote bag.

Each tote bag is $15 + sale tax and shipping fee.

 If you would like to purchase one, please email Rika at [email protected] with your order information and the shipping address. She will contact you with the total amount due once she shipped out the bag. You then send her a check with the correct amount.

Rika is doing this voluntarily to help save sun bear and help us fund raising. All proceed of the bag will be donate to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sabah to help sun bear. Please remember to thank her for doing so when you email her!

Happy shopping!

Unveiled the first bag in the world to save sun bear- “the Save the Sun Bear Tote bag!”


During the fund raising event in New York last summer, Caroline in the audience asked me how could anyone do to help sun bear.  “Anyone can help sun bear with whatever they do best.” I replied. “if you are rich, you can donate fund to us; if you are a writer, please write about sun bear and our work; if you are a film maker, please make a film about sun bear and tell the world about their story and their plights; if you are a student or biologist, please study sun bear; if you have spare time, you can be a volunteer to help us; if you are an artist, you can create artwork on sun bear…” and the list go on.

Rika Koreeda was among in the audience who intrigued by this statement. Her company,  Spoon+Fork, a New York City based boutique creative agency, is dedicated to feeding those hungry for fresh insight alongside a healthy portion of delicious growth-driven design. Spoon+Fork offers the arts, advertising, consumer brand and non-profit worlds a complete range of creative services, among others. Rika, like many other people who has help us promote sun bear conservation awareness and raise fund, started to take actions. Rika make bags! Rika and her team have collaborated with textile designer Wakane Koike of MEW New York and have designed an exclusivethe and the FRIST bag in the world to help save sun bear-The Save the Sun Bear Tote bag with the Save Sun Bears message. All proceeds of the sale of this cute tote bag will go directly to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre.

If you have happen to be a New Yorker, please stop by Factoriem Boutique,Destination, or TuTu to pick up a bag of your own.

Factoriem Boutique,

179 orchard street(bet houston st & stanton st), New York, NY10002

Destination, NY

32-36 Little West 12th Street, 1st Floor New York, NY 10014

tel: 212. 727.2031 / fax: 212. 727.7030

email: [email protected] www.destinationny.net

TuTu 55 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012
(between Lafayette & Mulbery street)
Tel :212-219-9548 Fax : 212-219-1474  
[email protected]  

 In addition, Spoon + Fork is going to have Tote bag sale at their office building on Nov 18th. (50 small business tenant is in the building.) at Spoon+Fork, Inc. 419 LAFAYETTE STREET, 2ND FLOOR,  NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10003 USA. 


Thank you Rika, Wakane and everyone who make this sale and the tote bag project possible. I see hope to save this little know bear every time I look at this bag!